Standard Grant : Sia Indexer by Go AFrica


Project Name: Sia Indexer

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal:

  • Go-Africa
    www. go-africa .io

Project Description

Sia explorer support is crucial for data transparency, visibility to users, and actor interaction by developers within the ecosystem. Programmability offers many exciting opportunities while introducing additional complexity. Sia indexer aim is to reduce this complexity for both users and developers.

In this proposal we offer a top-down approach for explorer development, focusing not only on historical data exploration (for which there are already several excellent explorers like siascan. com) but tackling the renterd and hostd implementation to make this data accessible and approachable for all users. We will leverage our expertise in supporting a wide-range of Sia implementations to identify the ideal data architecture and views. We will not recreate the wheel, but return it to run optimally for the Sia Blockchain. This will expedite the development process and reduce integration costs.

Our primary focus will be on the user experience. Once we have a fully working explorer setup within the testing framework, we will devote a good deal of time to actor verification and read/write services prior to mainnet deployment. This elevates the explorer as not only a transparent, open-source data portal but also as a vital tool where developers can deploy, test, and interact directly with actors on the chain.

Who benefits from your project?

This data explorer will allow the entire SIA community to take advantage of reliable, secure and constantly available data on the state of the blockchain as well as files and contracts managed by the SIA blockchain. It thus targets both investors, novices and the blockchain and cryptos application desés.

How does the project serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?

This project will help the foundation in its mission to provide robust and secure technology for storing user data by optimizing the transparency provided by its platform on all transactions carried out there. This will make it easy to democratize its use and above all to amplify its adoption by creating a climate of trust.

Milestone :

Milestone 1: Research, data architecture and Sia Mainnet MVP deployment.

Milestone 1 will start with researching the current implementation, optimizing the database and understanding required data mappings and views. The initial research and discovery process will take 1-2 weeks. Assuming there are no blockers we will then proceed to the next steps.

We will make basic customizations to the explorer UI and begin indexing available data on the Sia Mainnet through the available Renterd API. We will plan to display all relevant data, similar to current siascan implementations for Sia Platform. During this phase we will plan for regular contact with the Sia team through a dedicated technical channel and meetings as required. Milestone 1 concludes with a deployed MVP on Mainnet including basic views and customizations.

  • Define optimal architecture

  • Provide basic design customizations

  • Data indexing

  • Transaction data & metadata

  • View transactions

  • View receipts

  • View internal transactions

  • View logs

  • Addresses

  • Addresses and associations

  • Address graph Evolution

  • Actor data

  • Transactions & internal transactions

  • Balance history

  • Logs

  • Network Activity

  • Search Integration

Milestone 2: Actor introspection development and interaction.

Milestone 2 will focus on increasing interaction capabilities from within the Sia Indexer UI. We have developed a standalone microservice which can be used for Hosts verification, and will implement this feature to provide access to source code and the ability to verify the hosts scoring and activities on the network.

Example verified Hosts with views on current explorer:

https: //sia-indexer.go-africa .io/hosts

  • Host verification and troubleshoot: Using an extensible microservice developers will be able to verify host and troubleshoot it through the Sia Indexer UI.
  • Code views: Source code, ABI, Deployed Bytecode
  • Host Scoring : Using an
  • Write methods: Users can write to verified contract methods directly from the UI.

Milestone 3: Updates, revisions, and mainnet deployment.

In Milestone 3 we turn to optimizations, bug fixes, new view implementations, API route confirmation and other refinements necessary for a fully functional explorer hosted on the Sia Indexer premises.

  • Identify data optimizations to increase speed
  • Review instance for inconsistencies
  • Additional view implementations based on the upcoming Sia Walletd software.
  • UI refinements and/or additional customizations
  • Assess API endpoints necessary for developers
  • Documentation for users and developers

Milestone 4: Hosting, maintenance and backwards compatibility exploration.

We provide hosting services for 1 year with the option to renew on an annual basis. We will also explore historical data integration and define which prior views will be meaningful for users within the context of the current explorer environment.

Budget :

Milestone N° Milestone Summary & Staffing Funding Estimated Timeframe
1 Research, data architecture & Mainnet network MVP deployment 9500$ 4 Weeks
2 Hosts introspection development and interaction 9500$ 6 Weeks
3 Updates, revisions, Production deployment 9500$ 6 Weeks
4 Hosting, maintenance, backwards compatibility exploration 18100$ 32 Weeks

Details on the use of funds:

Milestone 1,2,3:

  • Frontend Dev Salary : 2800$

  • Backend Dev Salary : 3200$

  • UI UX Designer : 2400$

  • Cloud Services : 700$

  • Additional (Electricity, Internet…) : 400$

Milestone 4 :

  • Frontend Dev Salary : 4000$

  • Backend Dev Salary : 4500$

  • UI UX Designer : 4000$

  • Cloud Services : 5600$


Potentials Risk:

The potential risks that may slow down the development of the Sia Indexer project are as follows:

  • The complexity of development: The development of a Blockchain explorer is a complex project that requires advanced technical skills. It is important to carefully assess the needs of the project and to have an experienced development team.

  • The rapid evolution of technology: The Blockchain technology of the Sia platform is constantly evolving. It is important to ensure that the project is compatible with the latest versions of software developed by Sia (Renterd, Hostd, Walletd).

  • Competition: There are already a few Sia explorers on the market. It is important to stand out from the existing one by offering innovative features or targeting a specific market.

  • Market Acceptance: It is not guaranteed that users will adopt our Blockchain Explorer. It is therefore important to produce an explorer that meets the specific needs of users of the Sia Blockchain.

Development Information

Will all of your project’s code be open-source?

Yes ! All of our project will be open source and under the MIT Licence.

Leave a link where code will be accessible for review.

https: //

https: //

Test Version : SIA indexer

Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports?

Yes, we agree to submit a progress report every 2 of a month on the sia forum.

Contact info

Go Africa Email:

Team Members:

CEO : Ndoho Jephte Jospin
github :

Linkedin : https ://

Backend Dev : Nguenang Tapi Claude Dalois

Github: https ://

Linkedin : https ://

Frontend Dev :Metiayem Teffo Vérone

LinkedIn : https ://
Github : https ://

UI/UX Designer : Djenwa Sandjo Roland

GitHub: https ://
LinkedIn: https ://

Thanks for submitting your proposal to the Sia Foundation Grants Program!

The committee did not have enough time to evaluate your grant this week, but will do so during their next meeting on February 6th. While this falls within the 4-6 week timeframe we quote to evaluate Standard Grants, we know you’re excited to hear back so we really appreciate your patience.

Let us know if you need anything in the meantime.

Hello Steve,
I hope you are well.
When we can expect a answer from the foundation related our grant proposal?

Thanks again for your proposal and your patience while the committee reviewed it!

The committee would prefer to see this grant start out as a Small Grant for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it will be good to see if your proposed use-case actually works for Sia. They get the impression from the proposal that you might have some things to learn about the Sia blockchain, like how renterd and hostd integrate and what data is stored in the blockchain. Building an MVP via a Small Grant will help you hone in on how Sia works and help the committee visualize your goals a bit better.

As such, this version of the proposal will be moved to the Rejected section of the forum. Please feel free to submit an updated proposal addressing the committee’s concerns above at your convenience. Thanks!

Hello Steve,
Sorry for the late response but we have been quite busy the last few days. We understand the committee’s reservations regarding our request and we are open to initially reducing the grant request to make our prototype accessible here : SIA indexer which already integrates certain features 100% functional. Features like transaction, host, and block indexing. The new grant application will be published shortly.
The Go-africa team

Hello Steve,
We have publish a new grant request with a focus on make functionnal the actual version of our explorer.
You can check the new proposal here :