Small Grant Proposal : Sia-Indexer


Project Name: Sia Indexer

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal:

Description of the project:

Data explorers are of crucial importance for Blockchain ecosystems because they enable easy access to data, visibility for users and interaction of different actors with developers within the ecosystem. The programmability of Explorers provides many exciting opportunities while introducing additional complexity. The objective of Sia-Indexer is to reduce this complexity for both users and developers by producing an easy-to-access platform with functionality similar to those of the deprecated Siastats.

How does the project serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?

This project will help the foundation in its mission to provide robust and secure technology for storing user data by optimizing the transparency provided by its platform on all transactions carried out there. This will make it easy to democratize its use and above all to amplify its adoption by creating a climate of trust.

Grant Specific :

Budget :

Milestone N° Milestone Summary & Staffing Funding Estimated Timeframe
1 Optimisation, datas architecture 4300$ 4 Weeks
2 Hosting, maintenance, backwards compatibility exploration 4300$ 4 Weeks

Details on the use of funds:

Milestone 1:

  • Backend Dev Salary : 2000$
  • Frontend Dev Salary : 2000$
  • Cloud Services : 150$
  • Additional Charge(Electricity, Internet…) : 150$

Milestone 2 :

  • Backend Dev Salary : 2000$
  • Frontend Dev Salary : 2000$
  • Cloud Services : 150$
  • Additional Charge(Electricity, Internet…) : 150$


Deliverable :

Milestone 1:

  • Complete Explorer Architecture
  • ReDesign Explorer Database
  • Create Sia Blockchain Analytics functions
  • Create data Stream Pipeline for the Explorer

Milestone 2:

  • Complete Block fetching data function (Front and Back)
  • Complete Address fetching data Function (Front and Back)
  • Complete Hosts Fetching datas Function (Front and Back)
  • Publish the explorer in production in cloud
  • Explore functionality to add

What are the goals of this small grant?

The main objective of this grant is to complete the creation of our MVP. We have already started its creation and certain functionalities and interfaces are already functional but not optimized in operation. It will therefore be a question for us here of working to make this MVP fully usable.

Among the functions developed we have:

Block Details functionality

Host Details functionality

Transaction details functionality

Potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project:

The potential risks that may slow down the development of the Sia Indexer project are as follows:

  • The complexity of development: The development of a Blockchain explorer is a complex project that requires advanced technical skills. It is important to carefully assess the needs of the project and to have an experienced development team.

  • The rapid evolution of technology: The Blockchain technology of the Sia platform is constantly evolving. It is important to ensure that the project is compatible with the latest versions of software developed by Sia (Renterd, Hostd, Walletd).

  • Competition: There are already a few Sia explorers on the market. It is important to stand out from the existing one by offering innovative features or targeting a specific market.

  • Market Acceptance: It is not guaranteed that users will adopt our Blockchain Explorer. It is therefore important to produce an explorer that meets the specific needs of users of the Sia Blockchain.

Development Information

Will all of your project’s code be open-source?

Yes ! All of our project will be open source and under the MIT Licence.

Leave a link where code will be accessible for review.

Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports?

Yes, we agree to submit a progress report every 2 of a month on the sia forum.

Contact info

Go Africa Email:

Team Members:

CEO : Ndoho Jephte Jospin

github :

Linkedin :

Backend Dev : Nguenang Tapi Claude Dalois

Github: Dalois-30 · GitHub

Linkedin :

Frontend Dev :Metiayem Teffo Vérone

LinkedIn :érone-teffo?utm_source=share&utm_campaign=share_via&utm_content=profile&utm_medium=android_app

Github : Tverone003 · GitHub

UI/UX Designer : Djenwa Sandjo Roland

GitHub: dsrdesign · GitHub

LinkedIn: https ://

Thanks for your submission to the Sia Foundation Grants Program! We appereciate you converting this request to a small grant.

After review, the committee has approved this grant proposal!

The team is slightly concerned about your time estimates and your risk assessment of a blockchain explorer being an “advanced project”, but is excited to see more tools like this that can directly support the Sia ecosystem. We’ll reach out to the email address provided in the initial proposal. Onboarding to the program can take up to a couple weeks, and we’ll request an updated timeline after that process is complete.

Hello Steve,
Thanks to the foundation for their confidence in this project. We understand your reservations regarding the timelines that we have projected on this grant request, but have no fear because they will be scrupulously respected.
We are still waiting for the email to start onboarding.

Best Regard

Hello Steve,
We had some problems with our pro email server preventing emails from being received. If you have already sent an email for onboarding, would it be possible for you to resend it to the address indicated in our grant request?
Thank you very much.