Grant Proposal: Sia Atomic Swap with Adaptor Signatures Feasibility Study

Project Name: Sia Atomic Swap with Adaptor Signatures Feasibility Study

Name of Organization Submitting Proposal : UTXO BV (Komodo Platform Developers )

Purpose of the Grant: Currently, Sia does not have a function for HTLC which is required for doing cross-chain atomic swaps, the purpose of this grant is to conduct a feasibility study to estimate development of the technology to allow Sia’s adaptor signatures to be able to be used in atomic swaps, specifically in the Atomicdex protocol.

If the findings are amenable to the Sia Foundation and community we will submit another grant proposal for the full time and cost of development

Code contributions will be made open source.

Timeline: 1 Month


Deliver feasibility report to Sia Foundation on the estimate of cost and development for enabling atomic swaps via adaptor signatures against many different cryptocurrencies and platforms. This will include: Estimate of Cost, Developer Hours and other considerations regarding development of this technology.

Budget: $10,000 USD or equivalent

Budget will go towards developers to conduct the investigation.


We will report to the Sia Foundation our findings. Additionally we will need to have discussion with Sia developers about some of the nuances of how Sia works on a low level and open channels of communication between Sia and Komodo developers for questions that may arise.


A big yes from me on this one. I also hope if that this turns into a no based on the research, it can be made to be supported, that the foundation tries to do what’s needed to support, as this is a start to a long-term critical need for Sia’s liquidity and survival.


Great to see movement on this. Another thumbs up.

I wholeheartedly support this research as integrating sia and atomic swap can create a decentralized exchange for sia, which holds immense value for the long-term potential and expansion of the sia ecosystem.

roadie (building on Schnorr work done by Hyperspace) has previously demonstrated that SC<->ETH atomic swaps are possible (albeit unergonomic and expensive — Ed25519 requires a lot of gas!). How does AtomicDEX compare to this in terms of functionality?

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Sounds good to me.

Do your civic duty and cast your vote, fellow community comrades!

Sounds great. Make it happen!

Will be Siafunds supported too along with the plan of SC integration?