About the Ideas category

Use this category to recommend an idea for a grant proposal that you’d like to see a developer officially pursue a grant for. Post ideas for things that you think will benefit the Sia ecosystem.

Please be specific with your requests, and consider the following requirements for proposals:

  • Code written using grant funds must be open-source
  • The grant idea must serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data and benefit the Sia ecosystem

This category allows voting on topics, so please only include one idea per post. Use the voting feature to promote the best proposal ideas to the top!


Could you please clarify what makes the “Grants” subforum different from this subforum?

Hey @new0ne! The main Grants category is for actual proposals submitted for consideration by the Grants Committee.

This category is for people to submit ideas for proposals - things they’d like to see get developed, but are not themselves submitting an official proposal for. Ideally, we’ll have lots of ideas submitted here, and the voting mechanism will tell potential developers browsing this category what the community is looking for.

Thank you Steve! :pray:

So I assumed right then. Thank you for confirming my hypothesis.