(withdrawing proposal) Small Grant: positive-intentions - decentralised file-transfer and chat app

Project Name: positive-intentions

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal: positive-intentions

Describe your project.

positive-intentions is a decentralised, browser-agnostic, and no-registration-required P2P chat application providing secure messaging, file-transfer, video calls, and data ownership with effortless data export/import, all encapsulated within a JavaScript-based Progressive Web App.

you can see a history of progress from the reddit posts i have made with the link from the website

i have been working on the app part-time and so the app is in early development and i am looking for funding to help me develop the app further. i have so far been using reddit (exclusively) to advertise and get feedback and i have been using the feedback to improve the app. i think the app is now reaching a level to start looking for funding to establish the app into a more organisational structure.

the app functionally working and is publicly available for testing because it is essentially “a static website”.

site: https://positive-intentions.com

app: https://chat.positive-intentions.com

How does the projected outcome serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?

the app puts user data in the hand ofthe user. as browser technology has advances, the user is be able to store their data in a decentralised manner, and the user will be able to export and import their data at will without having to rely on a centralised server.

there are plans to introduce more features to help empower users own their data and provide them with services and functionality that are not reliant on a centralised server.

Grant Specifics

Amount of money requested and justification with a reasonable breakdown of expenses:

(i am based in europe and so the amount is preferred in euros. i see the wording suggest its only available in dollars, but it is my understanding that there are other european projects that have been funded. i would like to request the amount in euros if possible. the following is a breakdown of the expenses in dollars.)

total amount requested: $7,500

  • research: $1000 - i will be looking for a research budget to investigate options and features that align with the app.
  • sia integration: research options for integrating sia into the platform.
  • augmented reality: i would like to investigate the possibility of introducing augmented reality to the app.
  • artificial intelligence: i would like to investigate the possibility of introducing artificial intelligence to the app.
  • decentralised file-transfer: i would like to investigate various options for decentralised file-transfer.
  • development: $4000 - i will be working on the app part-time and i will be looking to hire a developer to help me with the app.

  • design + UX: $1000 - i will be looking to update the UI significantly to make it more usefriendly and easier to maintain/update

  • documentation and support: $500 - i will be looking to update the documentation and support for the app including video tutorials.

  • operational costs: $1000 - i would like to expense details such as domain name, hosting, and other operational costs.


Month 1:

  • investigate research options
  • investigate options for sia integration to the platform

Month 2:

  • refine codebase throughout

Month 3:

  • refine decentralised filesharing functionality
  • update documentation and support
  • create POC for sia integration

Potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project:

  • the app is a chat app in nature and so various laws need to be investigated to understand the legal implications of the app.

  • the app is very complicated for 1 person to develop and so i will be looking to hire a developer to help me with the app. it may not be easy to find a developer to help me with the app.

  • as a secure chat app, the app will need to be audited to ensure that the app is secure. this may be expensive and time consuming.

  • may have bitten off more than i can chew - i have worked on the app myself so far - this is the first time i am looking for funding on the project. the list of things enumerated what the budges is for is a list of things i would like to do, but i may not be able to do all of them.

  • there is a lot of things i would like to investigate as part of the research phase and may require more funding than i have requested.

  • my deployment practices need to be adjusted to allow for a more collaborative approch - so far it is only me and so i have set up a simple aws-cdk deployment process.

  • the app is in early development and i am aware of issue on platforms like iOS which i am unable to test for because i only have an android phone.

Development Information

Will all of your project’s code be open-source?

see my post about how i want to approach open-sourcing: https://www.reddit.com/r/SideProject/comments/192ndhh/how_i_want_to_approach_open_sourcing_my_app/

the app is in early development and only a prof-of-concept has been developed as part of my research about “how” such an app can be implemented. there are some open source repositories that i have created to help me with the app. i will be looking to open source the app once i have a better understanding of how the app can be implemented securely.

i also want to be responsible about the functionality i am open sourcing. there have been previous calls for open sourcing the proof-of-concept but i think more consideration needs to be given to what is open sourced and what is not. the system can be abusive if not used responsibly. this is something i want to avoid. i can discuss this further if you would like.

note: i have a repository that is taking responsibility for deploying the app to the web. it is using AWS-CDK to create S3 buckets and cloudfront distributions. i do not think its relevent to open source that repository.

Leave a link where code will be accessible for review.

the github organisation can be seen here:

Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports?

yes. what are the specifics of this requirements any cetain dates or details nessesary?

Contact info

Preferred contact methods: DM to Reddit user: Accurate-Screen8774

Email: positive.intentions.com@gmail.com - (reddit preffered)

Thanks for submitting your grant proposal! The committee should be able to review this grant during their next meeting on March 5th.

We’re going to try to be a little more proactive with notifying prospective grantees about common pitfalls before review, so here’s some recommended updates before the committee gets a look:

  • Remove the marketing budget item. The Foundation does not currently fund marketing for grants.
  • Small Grants don’t need hyper detailed timelines, but please provide at least a rough timeline estimate for project completion.

Finally, as mentioned the Foundation can only provide grant funding in USD currently, via US Wire, International Wire, or ACH transfer. If approved, you’d need to be able to receive USD on your end. Thanks!

Seeing as you’ve added (withdrawing proposal) to your post’s title, I’ll move this out of the Proposed category. Feel free to submit a new grant proposal at your convenience. Thanks!


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