Standard Grant: Fabstir Web3 Media Player #2

Project Name: Fabstir Web3 Media Player #2

Organisation: Fabstir

Primary Contact: Jules Lai (Founder and CTO of Fabstir)


Additional grant proposal (previous here) to get Fabstir Media Player polished and user-facing. It is to have a live public platform for permissionless use with the core abilities to stream videos, transcode uploaded videos via Sia peer-to-peer network and tokenise said content for Web3 decentralisation on Polygon PoS.


  • Smart Contract Audits: Smart contracts audited from reputable firm to ensure security and reliability, to meet Consensys requirements.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Setup: Deploy Fabstir transcoder on a cloud platform with the necessary GPU support. Deploy media player application on CPU cloud node to ensure accessibility and performance.

  • MetaMask Snaps Approval: Follow the MetaMask Snaps submission process, which includes preparing documentation, ensuring Fabstir Media Player Snaps meets Consensys security and functionality guidelines

  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Ensure comprehensive unit and integration tests to cover the smart contracts, front end, and any backend peer-to-peer services.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Feedback Incorporation: Once live, continuously monitor dApp’s performance and user feedback.


The grant proposal is for $77660 to support the project’s development over a period of nine months. The budget allocation is as follows:

Jules Lai to be full-stack Web3 developer: $40000

  • GPU & CPU cloud cost $11000*

  • Hardware/software $2000

  • Smart contract audit $22660*

  • Legal/accounting $1000

  • Contingency and Miscellaneous $1000

Proposed Timeline:

First 3 Months: Core Development and Payment Integration

  • Focus on finalising the core functionalities of the dapp, ensuring all features like

video upload, transcoding, and NFT wrapping are polished.

  • Complete the development of the dapp’s payment dashboard for transcoding, storage (Sia/S5) and NFT minting fees (Polygon) + running costs.

  • Begin creating documentation for the npm package and platform.

Second 3 Months: Security, Scalability, and Public Access

  • Deploy the Rust transcoder to the GPU cloud node with preliminary testing.

  • Deploy the media player dapp to the CPU cloud node with preliminary testing.

  • Package the media player and gallery as an npm module with integration testing.

  • Prepare and submit the dapp for MetaMask Snaps approval.

  • Address feedback from smart contract audits and finalise security enhancements.

Third 3 Months: Final Preparations and Community Engagement

  • Deploy the dapp in a live production environment for public use, ensuring scalability.

  • Enhance the platform based on beta testing feedback for user experience.

  • Finalise the roll-out to full public release upon MetaMask Snaps approval

*Preliminary quotes have been gathered from Paperspace, Hetzner and Hacken.

Benefits to Sia

IPFS and its ecosystem has a stranglehold in the Web3 world when it comes to offline storage off of blockchain. Fabstir Media Player can help build a foothold for Sia from where its competitor (for want of a better word) is particularly deficient; medium to long form video for storage and streaming.

Fabstir gives the option for any of the 1 to 2 million monthly active users of Polygon’s NFT marketplaces to mint video NFT of any length yet
still have the lower quality short video, perhaps used as a trailer or sample, remain compatible to showcase on existing NFT exchanges for trading purposes. Then use Fabstir Media Player to play the film in all its full length and higher quality glory. There is currently no NFT marketplace out there that can trade medium or long form video. This can help bring in more users to Sia’s ecosystem.

Anyone will be able to use Fabstir Media Player as an npm package to build out their own NFT media marketplace dapp or perhaps add to their website pages for whatever use case that would benefit from smooth higher quality video playback using Sia peer-to-peer storage via S5 content-addressed network.

Professional filmmakers may come to know Sia as a quicker and cheaper way to archive their masters and easily add ownership and authentication properties by minting an NFT. Could lead to further use for example, unlocking premium content such as behind-the-scenes content or cast/crew interviews, different edited versions of the film etc.

Having a MetaMask Snaps plugin as one of its first media dapps to its 30 million monthly active users could garner great exposure to Sia’s ecosystem in its role for decentralised storage and attract new users into the ecosystem.

Future expansion to other EVM compatible blockchains would require minimal changes if at all and potentially bring in more users to Sia.


Whilst Consensys has pledged to open up MetaMask Snaps to a fully permissionless system, they have not given a date publicly, since its launch to the public last September, 2023. So there well may be a vetting process involved for Fabstir to release the media player.

Some risk may lie on S5 in production in terms of how well it copes when scaling up to more users, since it’s a new system.

Balancing the cost of Sia storage, S5 usage, upkeep costs of the transcoder cloud server and other running support costs will be an adaptive, learning process as a lot is new.