Standard Grant: Collect3 Part 2

Project Name: Collect3

Describe your project.

Collect3 is an innovative blockchain-based platform that transforms the way users interact with digital content. At its core, Collect3 empowers content creators by enabling them to mint their work as NFTs, ensuring true ownership and authenticity. Readers, in turn, can collect and own these unique digital assets, opening up new monetization opportunities for authors. What sets Collect3 apart is its pioneering approach to user interaction through content. Users can collect content, transform it into NFTs, and engage in meaningful conversations directly within the document. Similar to collaborative features in popular document editing tools, content owners can comment and discuss within the document, creating a dynamic and interactive reading experience. These added comments are only visible to the content owners, fostering a private and exclusive dialogue around the content.

By leveraging the secure and decentralized Siacoin network for content storage, Collect3 ensures that all data is stored with integrity and accessibility, free from the vulnerabilities of centralized systems. Our achievements include the development and optimization of encoding and decoding functionalities for HTML read mode files, seamless integration with the Siacoin network for decentralized storage, the implementation of NFT minting capabilities, and the creation of a user-friendly reading mode interface.

Looking ahead, we envision Collect3 as the go-to platform for content interaction, where digital content is not just read but lived and experienced through engaging conversations and community building. Our goal is to revolutionize digital content creation, sharing, and monetization, providing lasting value for both creators and readers. Collect3 is not just about consuming content; it’s about creating a vibrant, interactive community around it.

Who benefits from your project?

There are three main stakeholders who benefit from Collect3:
Content creators are the primary beneficiaries. They gain a powerful tool to monetize their work by minting their content as NFTs. This not only ensures their ownership and control over their creations but also opens up new revenue streams. The platform’s interactive features allow creators to engage directly with their audience, fostering a loyal and involved community around their content.

Readers also stand to gain considerably from Collect3. They have the opportunity to own unique digital assets, transforming their relationship with content from passive consumption to active participation. The ability to engage in exclusive conversations within the document enhances their reading experience, making it more interactive and personalized.

Publishers and media platforms benefit by integrating Collect3’s features into their services. They can offer their audiences a novel way to interact with content, boosting engagement and loyalty. Additionally, they gain new monetization avenues through the platform’s capabilities.

Lastly, the broader blockchain and Web3 communities also benefit as Collect3 drives the adoption of decentralized technologies. By demonstrating practical and engaging uses of NFTs and decentralized storage, Collect3 helps to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital content space.

How does the project serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?

Collect3 aligns seamlessly with the Sia Foundation’s mission of user-owned data by empowering users to fully own, control, and interact with their digital content. Our platform enables users to mint their content as NFTs, ensuring true digital ownership and permanence. This promotes data sovereignty, allowing users to have complete control over their creations without reliance on centralized platforms.

By leveraging the Sia network for decentralized storage, Collect3 enhances accessibility and privacy. Users can store their data securely, knowing it is protected from unauthorized access and censorship, in line with the Sia Foundation’s commitment to making data storage private, efficient, and accessible.

Our approach encourages community engagement and innovation. The unique interaction model, where content owners can engage in exclusive conversations within the document, creates a richer user experience and fosters a sense of community among content owners. This novel use case broadens the Sia network’s utility, demonstrating practical applications of decentralized storage beyond traditional data management.

Furthermore, as Collect3 integrates with the Sia network, it contributes to the development of scalable solutions. The growing demand for decentralized storage driven by our platform supports the Foundation’s objective of preparing the Sia network for broader adoption, ensuring it can handle increasing data storage needs.

Grant Specifics

Amount of money requested and justification with a reasonable breakdown of expenses:

Consider the following when submitting your budget.

  • The Foundation can only pay out grant funds in $USD via ACH or wire.
  • For grants of a period of one year or more, payments will be made quarterly.
  • For grants with a period of less than one year, payments will be made monthly.

Timeline with measurable objectives and goals.

REQUIRED: Milestones with which to judge your progress.

Milestones should be easy for the Grants Committee to understand and evaluate as your project moves through its term. The Committee reserves the right to accept, modify, or reject proposed milestones to ensure they represent thoughtful and reasonable project evaluation checkpoints. Further payments may be withheld for missed milestones.

Total Grant Requested:


Project Duration: 7 months

Project Description

Collect3 is a revolutionary web platform aimed at transforming content interaction and monetization through NFTs. The project encompasses the development of a responsive web application ( where users can mint content into NFTs, engage in discussions, and participate in a vibrant content marketplace. The platform will also include a browser plugin for seamless content minting and interaction. With Collect3, users will have full control over their digital assets, fostering a community-driven ecosystem for authors and readers.

Roadmap with Monthly Milestones

Month 1: Project Initialization and Basic Features Development - $6,500

  • Setup of development environment

  • Implementation of user authentication system

  • Initial profile management setup

  • Deployment of basic infrastructure for the webapp

Month 2: User Profiles (webapp responsive) - $7,000

  • Development of user profile system

  • Integration with existing authentication system

  • Designing responsive UI for user profiles

  • Initial testing and debugging of user profile functionality

Month 3: Content Management (webapp responsive) - $7,500

  • Enhancement of user profiles with content listings

  • Development of content management tools

  • Designing an intuitive UI for profile and content management

  • Implementation of user interaction features for content management

Month 4: Marketplace Development - $7,500

  • Development of marketplace framework

  • Integration of payment solutions and transaction management

  • Implementation of search and filter options

  • Comprehensive user testing to refine marketplace functionality

Month 5-6: Commenting System and Social Features - $15,000

  • Implementation of commenting feature for NFT content owners

  • Development of social interaction tools

  • Optimization of user experience for social interactions

  • Ensuring secure and private commenting and interaction features

  • Testing and debugging of commenting system

  • Integration of social sharing features

Month 7: Final Optimization and Launch Preparation - $7,500

  • Comprehensive optimization of the platform for performance

  • Conducting security audits to ensure robustness

  • Development of user onboarding process

  • Preparation and execution of marketing campaign for public launch

Summary of Monthly Milestones and Costs:

Month 1: $6,500 - Project Initialization and Basic Features Development

Month 2: $7,000 - User Profiles (webapp responsive)

Month 3: $7,500 - Content Management (webapp responsive)

Month 4: $7,500 - Marketplace Development

Month 5-6: $15,000 - Commenting System and Social Features

Month 7: $7,500 - Final Optimization and Launch Preparation

Total: $44,500

This structured breakdown of expenses ensures a systematic development process, leading to the successful implementation of Collect3 and its associated features over the course of 7 months.

Potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project:

  1. Technical Challenges: Delays or complications in implementing key features such as NFT minting, decentralized storage integration, and marketplace development could impact the project timeline.

  2. User Adoption: The success of Collect3 relies on user adoption and engagement. If users are not interested in minting their content as NFTs or participating in discussions, the project’s value proposition may not be realized.

  3. Regulatory and Legal Issues: Changes in regulations related to blockchain technology, NFTs, or online content monetization could pose legal challenges or require adjustments to the project’s design and implementation.

  4. Competition: The emergence of competing platforms offering similar or more attractive features could affect Collect3’s market position and adoption rate.

Development Information

Will all of your project’s code be open-source?

Everything will be open.

Leave a link where code will be accessible for review.

Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports?

Of course!

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Thanks for your newest proposal to the Sia Foundation Grants Program! After review, the committee is requesting some updates and additional information.

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  • We’d either like to see a live working demo or a video demonstrating the results from your first proposal with the committee.

Once you provide these items, the committee can re-assess. Thanks.

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