SODAuth (Sia Open Decentralized Authorization)

SODAuth is a secure and decentralized identity authorization protocol built on the Sia network.
The solution enables users to securely log in to various web applications and services without the need for traditional usernames and passwords or reliance on centralized, well-known third-party OAuth providers.

By using SODAuth, developers gain access to all third-party APIs also built on the Sia network, promoting a more unified and efficient ecosystem for application development.

In the future, SODAuth could be expanded to allow users to link their real IDs, documents, and certificates stored on the Sia network in encrypted form. Web applications and services using SODAuth would then be granted access to this information with user consent, ensuring a seamless and secure exchange of personal data. With a disclaimer that selective data disclosure is available to the user and users should be able to choose what information they want to share.