Small Grant Proposal: EcoTrak

Project Name: EcoTrak: Environmental Monitoring and Alerting System

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal: Jeremy Stanfield

Describe your project:
EcoTrak is an innovative environmental monitoring and alerting system aimed at empowering individuals and organizations to track and respond to environmental changes effectively. The project comprises two main components: a Python-based SDK for data collection and analysis, and a dynamic Telegram bot for real-time alerting and communication.

The Python SDK will provide a versatile framework for gathering environmental data from various sources, such as IoT sensors, weather APIs, and satellite imagery. By leveraging Python’s extensive libraries and modules, EcoTrak SDK will facilitate the integration of data collection functionalities into existing systems, enabling users to monitor a wide range of environmental parameters, including air quality, temperature, humidity, and pollution levels.

Complementing the SDK, the EcoTrak Telegram bot will offer customizable alerting options and interactive communication features. Users can configure the bot to receive alerts based on specific environmental thresholds or events, as well as engage in real-time conversations to discuss environmental concerns, share insights, and collaborate on mitigation strategies. Additionally, the bot will provide access to curated environmental news and resources to keep users informed and empowered.

Both the Python SDK and the Telegram bot will be deployed as part of a Docker-compose environment, ensuring seamless installation and scalability across different platforms. Comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and example applications will accompany the project, facilitating adoption and empowering users to leverage EcoTrak effectively for environmental monitoring and management.

Who benefits from your project?
EcoTrak benefits environmentalists, researchers, policymakers, and concerned citizens by providing a robust platform for monitoring and responding to environmental changes. Developers benefit from the EcoTrak SDK, which streamlines the integration of environmental data collection functionalities into their applications, while organizations gain valuable insights and actionable intelligence to inform decision-making and promote sustainability initiatives.

How does the project serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?
EcoTrak aligns with the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data by offering a self-hosted solution that enables individuals and organizations to retain control over their environmental data. By deploying EcoTrak within their own infrastructure, users can ensure data sovereignty, privacy, and security while contributing to global efforts to address environmental challenges.

Grant Specifics:
Amount Requested: $8,000
The funds will support the development and completion of EcoTrak within three months, allowing dedicated focus on the project without external distractions.

Development: $7,000
Python SDK: $500
Telegram Bot with modular functions: $500

Milestone 1: $4,000 - April 1 to May 1
Milestone 2: $2,000 - May 1 to June 1
Milestone 3: $2,000 - June 1 to July 1

Timeline: 3 months from April 1, 2024, to July 1, 2024.

Potential Risks:
The main risk is underestimation of the workload and potential delays in product delivery. However, proactive communication, agile development practices, and regular progress updates will mitigate these risks, ensuring timely completion of the project.

Development Information:
All project code will be open-source and available on GitHub, along with regular progress reports highlighting challenges, solutions, and milestones achieved during development.

Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports?
Yes, I agree to provide monthly progress reports on the forum and GitHub.

Contact Info:

I am committed to advancing EcoTrak and welcome feedback and collaboration to promote environmental awareness and sustainability efforts worldwide.