Small Grant: Analysis Report for Deeply Integrating into the Sia Network

Project Name: Analysis Report for Deeply Integrating into the Sia Network

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal: Blockchain Gazette Consulting LTD

Project Description:

This project involves the production of a research report for developers and end-users to deeply integrate into the Sia ecosystem. In this first part of the research series, a two-part analysis related to the Sia Network will be produced in English.

How does the projected outcome serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?

There is limited extensive analysis between the Sia Network and other tech stacks in the centralized and decentralized storage ecosystem. The outcome of this research report will provide developers with a deeper understanding of the Sia Network’s features and capabilities as well as aid deeper integration into the Sia ecosystem.

Milestone 1 (6 weeks):

50% (part 1) of the two-part analysis report containing key dimensions and metrics for comparison (as agreed with the committee) would be produced within 6 weeks of the project.

Milestone 2 (6 weeks)

100% (part two) of the two-part analysis report containing a detailed comparison of data points with visualization, conclusions, and recommendations would be produced within 12 weeks of the project.

Grant Specifics

Amount of money requested and justification with a reasonable breakdown of expenses:

10,000 USD requested in total (paid upfront)


  • Research cost for a team of researchers
  • Data Analysis and Distribution cost

What are the goals of this small grant?

Produce a Sia Network research report containing a comparative analysis of the Sia network for developers and end-users to integrate into the Sia ecosystem deeply.

Potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project:

None to the best of our knowledge.

Development Information

Will all of your project’s code be open-source?

[Projects can use closed-source components, but can’t develop closed-source code. If any of your project’s code is closed-source, please describe what code and why.]

Leave a link where code will be accessible for review.


Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports? YES

[Progress reports must be submitted monthly here in the forum.]

Contact info


Any other preferred contact methods: NIL

Thanks for your latest proposal to the Sia Foundation Grants Program. After review, the committee has decided to reject this proposal. They didn’t find clear enough deliverables or think it would reasonably address the issue of developer adoption.

Best of luck!

Thanks for the update, the “concerns” and reasons highlighted are noted! :sunglasses: