Sia on a stick , a portable RENTERD

Inspired by the USB sticks you can buy that offers encryption and asks for a password once connected to an USB port I thought it woudl be cool to have the similar:

  • RENTERD executable on a USB stick autostarting upon connecting
  • the blockchain there too and in the future consensus via UTREXO
  • A function that makes RENTED available via windows normal explorer
  • resistant enough to not cause disintegration of the metadata/contracts

Ideally you should then be able to take your RENTERD and connect it to any computer of your choice and have your SIA files available where you want.

I think some of the above can be obtained via the RCLONE + WINFSP combo

Cool. I like it. With your permission, I’ll add a one more point:

  • Sia Portable + FUSE = :heart_hands:
    FUSE Integration: Sia Portable would include FUSE integration, allowing users to mount their Renterd storage as a virtual drive. This would enable seamless file access and management directly from the user’s local machine.
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Super. Yes good idea. I am mostly a Windows guy but FUSE is great for Linux. Should be added to the proposal