Saicoin ui wallet

I have just reactivated my old sia wallet with the seed shows my coins I would like to know how to reset the password instead of using my seed every time I’ve got to access wallet nightmare and also why can I not paste an address into the send section this wallet was a useless wallet to use eight years ago and looks like it still is horrible any advice would be appreciated

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If you haven’t updated your wallet for 8 years, I wouldn’t expect it to work.
I suggest that you use Sia Central Lite Wallet ( This is a web wallet developed by Nate (the current President of Sia Foundation), and it doesn’t require installing and syncing to the blockchain.

Yes I’ve downloaded that wallet onto my mobile phone I cannot transfer my coins from the seeded wallet to that wallet manually entering a address does not seem to be possible it states invalid address even know checking it is the address in my lite wallet the wallet did work fine and shows my funds but does not let me create a new password using the seed to enter this wallet every time is a nightmare as you can imagine

Sorry, I don’t think I’m following.
What did you download? The Lite Wallet doesn’t require any downloading.
When you open the Lite Wallet, it gives you an option to recover an existing wallet from seed. This is where you should put your seed in. Once you have recovered your wallet, you can send Siacoins by providing the recipient’s address.

Yes it wasn’t a download it was just the lite wallet onto my mobile phone so what you are saying I can enter a seed from any other wallet and it will connect to that new wallet because I have not had a lite wallet before as they were not available when I first bought sai I do remember it asking me about entering a seed but I assumed it was from another lite wallet because the new lite wallet gave me a new seed looks like I may have to set up on another device thanks could you let me know if the above is correct if so thanks for your help

Sorry, I have difficulties to say that what you typed is correct, because you type all in one sentence without any punctuation.
If you have a seed phrase, you can use it on any device by opening Sia Central Lite Wallet and choosing the option to recover your wallet. After you put your seed phrase in, the Lite Wallet will rescan the blockchain and show your balance and your transaction history.

To reset your Sia wallet password, create a new wallet and transfer your funds you can follow this

  1. Create New Wallet:
  • Open Sia-UI and create a new wallet with a new seed and password.
  • Securely store the new seed.
  1. Transfer Funds:
  • Unlock your old wallet with the existing seed.
  • Send your coins to the new wallet address.
    I hope this will help you,
    Thank you