Repository Bridge :: Add an IPFS Renterd for Sia

Project: Repository Bridge :: Add an IPFS Renterd for Sia

For the Sia Foundation.

Copious Systems

  • Copious Systems is a fictitious business name recognized as an account with Wells Fargo. Currently, this is an individual proprietorship.

  • is a website owned by Richard A. Leddy

  • copious-world is a collection of git repositories on GitHub.

Repository Bridge :: Renterd with IFPS for Sia


The aim of this project will be to use renterd as a backend for an IPFS gateway. The copious-world project may be used as a test case by making this storage backend accessible to the copious-world Repository Bridge.

The Repository Bridge is a part of a larger project, copious-world, that provides processes and interfaces aimed at helping people claim ownership of their digital assets from the moment of inception and onward. The Repository Bridge provides an interface to P2P distributed storage repositories such as IPFS, Bittorrent, and others.

Currently, the Repository Bridge is a module (npm package from node.js) that can be used inside a larger program that uses files and associates pairs of identifiers with the files. Here, the pairs are comprised of an application identifier, a hash, and a repository identifier, another hash. For example, in the copious-world project, the copious-world hashes are UCWIDs and they are paired with IPFS hashes, provided the IPFS type of repository is specified in the file meta-descriptors.

The Repository Bridge does not establish any financial relationship with storage concerns. But, it might act as client to Renterd.

Open Source:

Most of the copious-world repositories are open source.

The languages utilized in this project so far are JavaScript and C++. The project is expanding with Rust in some cases. Other languages may be put to use.


6 Months

  1. Develop architecture and unit code; set up required hardware
  2. Continue unit code plus external control code, e.g. command line and web
  3. Address business processes with new code
  4. End to end testing
  5. Integration into targeted use cases
  6. Test and documentation


This project should address the feature expectations already salient in the Sia community.

A few new computers will be needed to make sure that current development tools can be installed and operate at best performance.

The budget must ensure the Internet connections, electricity, office expenses.

The budget must ensure at least one developer.

After programming many years for a number of projects and always delivering, I have spent time with IPFS and used it in my project.



This is $10,000.00 per month. This covers in part, the salary of a senior developer and tools.

Tools may include computers. Computers may be $700.00 to $3000.00 such as a relatively new laptop, one server with up to 4 Terabytes storage.

Is this a grant idea or something you want funds to build?

Hi, good to see grant proposals related to IPFS, could you give us more detail about the specific technical approach and implementation, would it use boxo, kubo, or helia, which components from the IPFS stack would this be built with? Most importantly, how do you plan to address the Sia download/retrieval issues caused by the small IPFS max block size? If you are unfamiliar with the specifics, this has been discussed in #renting. Thanks!