Renterd iSCSI/NFS integrations

iSCSI and NFS are both network file-sharing protocols commonly used in enterprise environments. Integrating renterd with iSCSI and NFS would allow users to mount remote storage volumes and access renterd storage as a local disk. This would make it easier for organizations to use renterd as a secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional storage solutions.

That’s a fun fact. I thought about it, too. But I wasn’t sure it could be done :pensive:
But since Nate suggested it, I think there is every reason to believe that it is achievable :partying_face:
Even though I submitted the idea as well, I give my vote to Nate’s idea :heart_hands:

It would be nice to have such a function. Drop-in replacement for backups.

Hey @Nate !

I’d love to develop this integration, but had a question.

Typically, iSCSI storage is made available from a block based data storage box. Therefore, were you referring to
a. making raw storage volumes from backend storage boxes available as disks/storage volumes on the host for the renter to rent OR
b. make the storage space on host (ie: excess storage or external storage) available to the renter like an iscsi volume / nfs share.

I think it’s the former you were referring to, but wanted to confirm.

Thank you!