Open Source Mining Pool

Siacoin is currently supported by several closed-source mining pools, including f2Pool, DxPool, Luxor, and SiaMining. However, an open-source mining pool would greatly benefit the Sia ecosystem by promoting transparency, competition, and decentralization.

This is a good idea with sufficient code protection

I would prefer to see this as more of P2P pool or even a port of P2P pool to Rust/Golang.

No need for a centralized open pool if you can create one that forces decentralization.

A relatively late follow-up on this.

The mining industry is trying to build/has built a v2 stratum Stratum v2 (SRI) Roadmap - To infinity and beyond | Stratum V2 The next-gen protocol for pooled mining. However, you would need miners to provide FW to support it. However… they seem to be building a proxy to translate the protocol for backward compatibility.

In addition, I would also like to see the use of P2P tech create a decentralized pool, like Dat Rust · GitHub, based on the spirit of

Lastly, it should be designed so that the hashing algo is modular so that this could be treated as a public good outside Sia for fellow chains.

While a FOSS centralized pool might be an excellent first step, I think the opportunity for a P2P one sorely needs to be taken.

I hope the push to get Sia awareness next year will bring someone in with the needed know-how to do this.