My 100,000 SC coin just vanished in thin air

I remember having 100,000 SC in my wallet. But when I used my seed phrase, I saw in the picture

that I only have this much now.

Do I have to wait? My wallet is fully synced, so why wait? Even in, it only shows 33,972.78 SC, which is not correct because I had 100,000, as noted in my book.

My first transaction id 4adb2909462d6bd7c04f41477ebd407210ec795859799cafa07396fb3e0fa479
encase anyone can answer my doubts

The explorer shows that there’s only 33.973 KS that have ever been transferred to your address, nothing else.

Do you see any outgoing transactions in your transaction history?

The explorer is not working properly, it doesn’t show all the details. I believe I made two or three transfers, like one for 33k and another for the second, etc.

The explorer is working properly. It shows all transactions related to the specified address. It’s possible that your wallet received coins to different addresses, but in that case all these transactions should be visible in Sia Central Lite Wallet.

You may need to increase the lookahead number if the other transactions are old enough:

Try increasing it to 75000.

OK i’ll try this too

Is the name of my wallet important? I can’t recall the name I gave my wallet, as I only have the seed phrase. I hope that’s okay. Also, how can I increase the limit to 75,000 on my Sia-UI wallet?

You can only change it in Sia Central Lite Wallet. It’s not necessary to change it in Sia-UI (in fact, you can’t do it there), because Sia-UI will display all transactions related to your seed regardless.

The wallet name is not important, indeed. Your seed is important, though.

If you don’t see all transactions, it could mean that your Sia-UI is not fully synced yet. It would also help to update to the latest version (which is 1.5.9).

It would also be easier to help you in the Sia discord (Sia Foundation).

Okay if the name doesn’t matter, then I’m correct. I had 100,000 in this wallet, but now I can only see 33,000 SC, and my wallet is synced.

Can we use a Terminal command to see a list of all the addresses created and check their transaction details?

Just to be 100% sure, please open the Sia-UI terminal and type wallet. It should show you the block height that the wallet is synced to, and it has to be the same that the current block height.

Yes, there is wallet addresses and wallet transactions.

Well, it means that there has only ever been this particular transaction that involved a wallet address generated from your seed phrase. If you made other transactions, you may have sent them to a different seed.

and why would i lie to myself i use ubuntu as my OS so i know what seed phrase is and how all this thing works

it’s gotta be something related to wallet since i last check my wallet 3 months back and i still remember having 100,000 SC

I’m not saying that you are lying.
But you can’t trick the blockchain. If a transaction has ever been broadcast, it will stay there forever.
Do you have the IDs of those transactions?

If you sent the coins from an exchange, the transfer can only be considered done if you have a transaction ID from the exchange. Otherwise, the coins may have never been transferred.

No i don’t have that at the moment but i am trying to find everything maybe chain analysis can help what do you think?

If you manage to find the transaction IDs, you can track everything with, no need to use any other tools.

I don’t have the transaction IDs at the moment, but the siascan explorer should have the feature that lets us combine all addresses and see the ones we created before

Sia Central Lite Wallet has this function. It shows all transactions related to your seed phrase. It could be that it didn’t look too far into the past (lookahead number), but also your Sia-UI confirms that there has only been one transaction.

Sorry, but I’m pretty confident that your seed doesn’t have any other transactions.