Multisignature and Company wallet

Hi @all :sunny:

During the Development of with my new Friend from we was thinking about Funding and how we can handle that. So we thought about a Multisignature wallet where we can both act and send and receive Funds.

So there are 2 things i think about:

  1. If one of us would like to send Funds, he needs a confirmation from the other guy :slight_smile:

  2. Is like a payroll system where we put some addresses in, and one time a month all addresses receive the same amount of Sia coins.

Why ?
In the past i have seen a lot of trouble around banking accounts and when it comes down to money and relationships its better to keep it save, simple and transparent.

When i catch fire for a project i love it to do all things with it, also that helps to get more people involved and they have to use the coins, nevermind if they going to sell them for ugly fiat.
On the other hand they have the option to HODL them and keep it for bad times when they need it.

Thank you for attention !
please forgive me some typos or spellings but i am from Germany and i try my best, and sry if i may mixed up some topics here xD

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