HOSTD Prometheus Exporter

HOSTD Prometheus Exporter

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal:
@javierxam (Sia Discord or GitHub)


The idea is to make an exporter to collect hostd data with prometheus and create graphs in grafana. The idea is very simple and there is an exporter for siad but not for hostd.

I want to replicate the simplicity of siad exporter, the main target is to create a lightweight standalone go binary.

The hosters will have a good way to monitor their nodes with customized graph and all kind of information with the prometheus and grafana ecosystem

With better monitoring it will ensure a correct hostd usage and a more robust network

Project Timeline

The expected target for this proposal is to only take two weeks. I will be working mostly full time.I have a python working prototype and I can point it out on github.


I am requesting $1500 for the duration of the proposal to cover the salary of myself.

Potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project

The most potential risk is to know how to port python code to go code, it can be helped by AI. Another downside is working on an unfinished hostd but if needed i can review my code for adapt in newer hostd versions

Development Information

Open-Source Commitment

The project source code shall be maintained in a public repository located at javierxam (Xavi) · GitHub

All code will be MIT licensed

Progress reports

I agree to submit weekly progress reports. I’m near daily present at Sia discord and i’m an active member. I want to have an active engagement with the community for Q&A in discord because this proposal is only expected to take a pair of weeks.


I always wanted to get involved with some crypto open source project as dev or any kind of contribution and i think this is a good way to start with

Contact info

@javierxam (Discord)

Thanks @javierxam! We appreciate the proposal (and I appreciate you following the template so closely :slight_smile: )

This has been submitted after our cutoff for consideration, meaning the committee can’t commit to review this during their next meeting on Tuesday the 8th. Full consideration will be, at worst, on the 22nd. However, due to it’s short length, I’ll see if we can provide some feedback after our meeting next week.

Thanks again!

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Hello @javierxam,

Thanks again for your proposal! The committee was able to fully review it during their last meeting and was happy to approve this grant request. The committee is excited by the value this grant can provide.

We’ll reach out via email with onboarding instructions.

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee

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Hello everyone

Code is finished and delivered in Javierxam’s Github

The exporter can track all the data hostd have, it can be used for create graphs in grafana or stored in a DB-like

I’ll plan to write a more detailed guide for the setup and use of this software

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