Help me make sense of pricing units

I have these prices set:

Running this:

curl --silent --location 'http://localhost:9980/api/metrics' --header 'Accept: appli
cation/json' --user admin:***


"pricing": {
                "contractPrice": "50000000000000000000000",
                "ingressPrice": "49000000000000",
                "egressPrice": "553000000000000",
                "baseRPCPrice": "100000000000000000",
                "sectorAccessPrice": "2000000000000000000",
                "storagePrice": "39370546160",
                "collateralMultiplier": 4

But this:

curl --silent --location 'http://localhost:9980/api/metrics?response=prometheus' --header 'Accept: application/json' --user admin:***


hostd_metrics_pricing_contract_price 0.05
hostd_metrics_pricing_ingress_price 0.000000000049
hostd_metrics_pricing_egress_price 0.000000000553
hostd_metrics_pricing_baserpc_price 0.0000001
hostd_metrics_pricing_sector_access_price 0.000002
hostd_metrics_pricing_storage_price 0.00000000000003937054616
hostd_metrics_pricing_collateral_multiplier 4

Why are they different? Help me understand. Especially the storage price, what is that and how does it translate to 170 SC?

The API uses the price for a single block. The webui displays the price for an entire month.
Per month there are 4320 blocks on average (10 minute block time), so you’d need to convert between these two.

Here is an example how to change your prices using the API. It uses Fiat currency, but it should give you a general idea.

Thanks. I’m multiplying the above value with 4320*10^12 and I get 170 SC.