Grant request: add SiaCoin to NearPay on-ramp widget

  1. Name of organization or individual and project name

NearPay (legal entity Ultiment s.r.o)

  1. Purpose of the grant: who benefits and how the project will serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data

Purpost of the grant: add Siacoin to NearPay wiget
Any cryptocurrency should be highly convertible - one should be able to buy and sell it anytime.
Community wins by having an easy way to on-ramp. Many of our partner wallets will have an option to buy Siacoin inside them. We are increasing the liquidity coming to the ecosystem.

  1. Code contributions must be open source

We are not open-source

  1. Timeline with measurable objectives and goals

Adding Siacoin to the NearPay widget will require ~1 month of development and testing.
Goal list Siacoin inside the widget and let users to successfully buy it.

  1. Any potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project

No unique risks for this project.
Among the usual:

  • running out of budget due to the complexity of integration → will use our own budgets
  • running out of time → not a problem for us, we’ll finish the integration anyway
  1. Budget and justification

1 month of work of a team of back-end and front-end devs, PM, QA and DevOps
liquidity for the first period of time

  1. Reporting requirements: Progress reports to the foundation/committee and to the community.

We’ll report every week on the progress of implementing Siacoin.
After launch we’ll offer the foundation a report of amount of Siacoin bought through the widget.

Our presentation:

UPD after a Discord discussion:

  1. When applying, we didn’t know that you don’t give grants to CEX onramps. Since we have antifraud and KYC solutions inside, we can’t make it open source currently.
  2. As for risks, yes we are ready to guarantee that the work will be finished if some risks arise. Still yes, we request the grant to cover the expenses.
  3. As for the 20k budget, we are ready to provide the breakdown if needed, so it could be verified

From our experience, the onramp widget has its own benefits:

  1. It could be easily integrated into different projects inside your ecosystem. So these projects will have a tool to onboard new users who don’t have crypto yet, but have bank cards
  2. Bank cards are the most common payment method, so users like that payment method
  3. For end users, the first transaction under 900 Euro will be without KYC (easy experience) (edited)

Hello Kikimora,

The committee evaluated your grant proposal and has come to the decision to Reject it.

The Foundation Grant Program is narrowly focused on open-source projects. For exchange listings, please contact

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee