Grant Proposal: SkyMusic


Project Name: SkyMusic

Name (individual) submitting the proposal: Mózes Dániel

Describe the project: SkyMusic is a web based music streaming application and a decentralized alternative to Spotify and YouTube Music that operates on the S5/Sia network. Users can stream music from our library, S3 storage and local sources. SkyMusic primarily utilizes the S5 channel (developed by Redsolver).


  • S3 compatibility: You can connect easily any S3-compatible storage to our application and then listen to music.
  • Anonym and secure: Our application don’t collect any data about you, and don’t access to your stored music library at all.
  • Upload your own music: You can listen to your own music, upload to an S3 compatible storage or add it from your desktop or mobile.
  • Music database: Don’t worry if you don’t have any music library. You can immediately listen to our music library.
  • Decentralized streaming: Our application operates in a completely decentralized and private manner through the Sia network.
  • Free to use: You can use our application for free, and in return, you may encounter non-intrusive ads on our interface.

Usage modes:

  1. Our library: You can listen to the music library operated by SkyMusic anytime. Just log in and you can start streaming music immediately.
  2. S3 storage: You can connect to any S3 cloud provider. If you don’t have one, it’s not a problem; you can create and manage it through the application anytime.
  3. Local storage: Would you like to listen to your music stored on your desktop or mobile? There’s no problem with SkyMusic; this is also possible.

How does the projected outcome serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?

The data is completely anonymous, and no user statistics are collected during the application’s usage. We apply S5* security for the storage of music connected from S3 and local sources. Users can connect to any S3 completely anonymously and securely.

*S5 is a decentralized network that empowers you to take control of your data and identity. (GitHub - s5-dev/S5: Decentralized content-addressed storage network)


I have planned two license solution models for the SkyMusic application, which may vary depending on the project’s development phase. The application will be free, and I do not plan to have any paid packages. Consequently, the issue of the license is crucial for the seamless operation of the application.

1. Grant Proposal License

The license model developed for the current grant proposal essentially allows for the streaming of music available in the SkyMusic database that is primarily free to use. Additionally, I plan to purchase licenses with the support from users. I aim to continuously expand my music library and seek rights from creators. It is important to note that this licensing solution does not meet the requirements of web3. The primary goal of the beta version is to create a functional web application for streaming music, while expanding the license model is a future plan.

2. Expanded License

My long-term goal is to introduce a web3-compatible licensing solution that enables support for creators in exchange for licenses. I intend to implement this licensing model using solutions such as Fabstir or similar platforms. Since the application will be free to use, the project will primarily rely on donations. I am planning to provide a separate license support option where users can support the project, with 100% of the proceeds dedicated to licenses. I plan to automate this process. Users can choose how they want to support the project, including supporting the operational expenses of the app, purchasing licenses, or supporting me directly.

Future Plans

  • Develop a desktop application to optimize the user experience.
  • Create a mobile application to enhance portability and reach a broader audience.
  • Expand the licensing model and achieve web3 compatibility for licenses.

About Me

Mózes Dániel - Full Stack Developer

I have been working as a developer since 2017, primarily focusing on web development. Since around 2020, I have developed an interest in cryptocurrencies, particularly in relation to the Sia platform. I have previously participated in two Sia projects, including the SkyDB Debut Hackathon and the Skynet Developer Program for Summer 2022.

Grant Specifics

Timeline: 3 Month

Budget: 9600 USD

  • My part time salary: 3000 USD for 3 months (minimum 80 hours work per month)
  • Maintenance costs and other expenses (e.g. storage, marketing): 600 USD

What are the goals of this small grant?

The goal is to create an end-user beta application that allows users to stream music in a decentralized manner. Creating documentation on application usage, and testing the application with developers after the alpha development lifecycle before the project enters the beta stage. I will use SolidJS to create the beta of the web application.

Potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project: SkyMusic web application uses the S5 network, so the application is dependent on this network.

Development Information

Will all of your project’s code be open-source?

Yes, coding will be open-source.

Access for the development



Development: GitHub - skymusicdev/app: SkyMusic is a decentralized music streaming application that operates completely anonymously and securely through the Sia network.

Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports?

Yes, I agree.

Contact info


Thanks for your proposal! The committee has a submission cutoff date of the Wednesday before their next meeting to consider a project for review. This proposal was received after our submission cutoff for their meeting on October 17th, so the committee will review this grant during their meeting on October 31st.

Why not use funkwhale with renterd s3 gateway? Store media in an object store — funkwhale 1.3.3 documentation
I don’t think there is a need for dedicated sia music app.

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It depends on if it is a web2 app targeted to use web3 storage via S3 or a web3 app that wants to use CID’s, though this feels like it could fall into Vup unless it hit a home run as its own dedicated system based on S5 protocol.


If everything is anonymous, are we talking about going back to Limewire days of piracy?

I believe the music tech is covered either in S5’s app, or mine plus there is another video music streaming app grant project.

The big challenge is Warner Bros, Universal and Sony have the industry tied up, allowing the likes of Spotify (who take 30%) etc. to stream only if they get paid their 40%-50%. Further intermediaries take theirs leaving the artists and creators scraps. Which is what my personal stick is, is to use software technology that can help sort out the mess and give people options to move the music and media industry to a fairer system.

Yours lack details. E.g. is it blockchain or centralised payment system, ownership for creators decentralised or not etc. ?). How is the music discovered? How are you dealing with licensing?
No details on how to market and build a creator community either?

Thank you for the feedback, Steve.

Thank you for the comment. This will be a simpler solution. The creators will not receive any financial support. Of course, the creators can upload their own music through a separate page. All this while accepting that they will not receive any financial support for it. After they submit their music, we will review and upload it to our SkyMusic library. Our own library will be public through the app, for which we will request licensing rights continuously to expand it (e.g., with no copyright music), and we would acquire new music for the SkyMusic library from the app’s revenue. This would expand the SkyMusic library. Libraries uploaded by users, whether on S3 or local storage, will be completely private and not shareable. Only the user will have access to their own music. Essentially, the main service would be the personal SkyMusic library, all securely through a music player on the Sia/S5 network. I hope the licensing issue has been clarified. If you have any questions, please feel free to write.

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the project you sent, but my app is more focused on creating a large music library and database. Only creators would be able to upload music to the SkyMusic library through our platform. Of course, our aim is not censorship, but due to potential abuses, this method is the only way I can ensure long-term compliance with licensing requirements.

Thank you for your input. Yes, it resembles Vup. However, in this case, private music libraries cannot be shared; only those with access to the user’s account can listen to the music. It is not our intention to support misuse of unlicensed music. The app is built on the principles of fair use, and we also alert users to this fact. We do not rely on the data uploaded by other users for personal use. It is the user’s responsibility to have the necessary licenses for the music they upload to their own library. As this is their personal storage space, we are simply a music player with our own SkyMusic library. By sharing private access, others could access the music publicly, but we have considered this from a security standpoint. Only one or two people can be logged into an account at a time.

I may sound dumb, but what would the incentive for the creators be to upload their music when they wouldn’t get any revenue?

Okay, summary is creators upload their music for free.

You decide whether or not it’s good enough for you to keep.
Then you get all the revenue as well.

Or am I missing something?

Thank you for your comment. Yes, motivation is a very important issue. It should be interpreted as a free opportunity for creators to showcase their musical taste and knowledge. Since I do not collect personal data, it is easier for creators to appear in the application. For example, in the case of random playlist, there is a greater chance for the creator’s music to be listened to.

Thank you for writing. The revenue I earn with the SkyMusic application can be divided into two parts.

  1. Users or anyone who likes SkyMusic can support the project.
  2. I will use non-intrusive advertisements within the application.

So these would be my two expected sources of income, part of which I would use to purchase licenses for the SkyMusic’s own music library.

Okay, from what I can gather, you’ve taken some of the worst aspects of Web2 and are trying to shoehorn it into a Web3 environment.

I’m a musician myself and have dealt with the sheer inequality of the current system. You’ve taken it a step further by not even paying the creators.

Private centralised licensing deals, I can only assume to lowball rights holders. This is how it is currently.

Come on, we can do better!

I myself have built a completely decentralised licensing system that’s built on non-transferable NFTs. Which I’m launching shortly. I’ve gone through the struggle to build a better world.

You’re building something that takes creators’ freedom away. I’m very disappointed.

Thank you for your further comment. This is exactly why I love forums because here everything can be openly discussed. I completely agree with you, I don’t want you to be disappointed. The licensing issue is very important to me. At the moment, I can choose between three solutions.

  1. The app works on a basis similar to Spotify (Since it’s an open-source project and free, I’m not sure how I could sustain this model for SkyMusic).
  2. What is currently in place (utilizing both Web3 and Web2 tools, with all their advantages and disadvantages).
  3. There’s your solution (I see great potential for the future with this model, but the question is how feasible it is).

What do you think, is your solution feasible? If yes, then thank you for the advice, and I will update the grant proposal.

Great, you’ve now given me the license to rant!!

Why on earth are you using Spotify as a shining example. They pay at the minimum to artists ($0.003 approx.) per click. And are the same organisation that took songwriters to court who dared to ask for more money* Talk about biting the hands off of the people who literally create their product!

Oh, I see why, because you are not paying creators anything!

*This was a dispute with CRB (Government organisation who in the US who set the minimum royalty rates streaming services should pay songwriters and other music creators). And boy does Spotify have systems in place to pay the minimum.

Until you address creators’ freedom and rights of ownership, and actually pay them, you’ll get no support from me.

Thank you, but I think you might have misunderstood me a bit. I would like to focus on the creators’ freedom and ownership rights. I only used Spotify as an example, but I didn’t want to use that licensing option. There are two options, one that exists in this grant proposal and yours project. If yours works, I would be happy to implement it into my project. I am not against creators; I want it to be good for everyone, but don’t forget that I plan to make the application open source and free to use. If you think it can work this way, then I am open to better solutions. :)


Hello, I have updated the grant proposal with additional information. There has been considerable discussion about the license and other matters on the forum, so I thought it might be worth providing more details about the project. I have added the License, Future Plans, and About Me sections.

Hello @mozes

Congratulations, the committee has approved this proposal!

The committee is concerned about potential future issues with licensing and long term project funding, but is excited to see the core tech developed for this grant.

We’ll reach out via email to set up grant program onboarding. Onboarding typically takes a week or two, so free to adjust your internal timelines as appropriate.

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee

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Progress Report (December)

What progress was made on your grant this month?

  • Two design plans have been created for the web application, detailing the plans and providing visualizations.
  • The demonstration page of the web application has been updated to reflect the new designs and information.
  • I have successfully purchased and linked the application with three different URL addresses: (web app), (web app demonstration page) and (web app developer mode).
  • I conducted research on how to connect the web application to the Sia network.
  • I have initiated the creation of a private music library, and when it is connected to both the web application and the Sia network, I will provide a description of the content within this private music library.

Links to repos worked on this month:

What will you be working on this month?

  • My goal is to enhance the design, particularly by improving the mobile view and adding new components.
  • I would like to expand my private music library.
  • I aim to connect the web application with the Sia network.