Grant Proposal : SiaFrench


Project Name: SiaFrench

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal: CotradeChain

Description of your project, who benefits, and how the project will serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data: The Sia blockchain allows its users to access a totally autonomous and self-governed decentralized storage technology. The main problem encountered is the lack of technical documentation on its use as well as the non-possibility of being able to recover data from the network without going through the deployment of a Sia node.

The problem being addressed is the lack of comprehensive documentation for the Sia API in French and English, including information on endpoints, parameters, and responses.

Siafrench APIs provide a way for different software systems to interact with the SIA Network and easily retrieve Data without depoying a new node. It’s allowing developers to build new applications and services on top of the Sia Network. APIs can be used to access onchain data, file managing fonctionnality, or services from other applications, and can be built using a variety of programming languages and technologies.


  • Set up an open API system to facilitate interactions with Blockchain Sia. The API will include a set of requests to know the state of the network, the financial interaction data of the sia token or even data on the various actors of the network.

  • Set up an Opensource Web interface to display network data, generate and control the API interactions of its software.

  • Facilitate the onboarding of new users on the Sia network by creating a website based on Docusaurus and including courses, written and video tutorials but also by organizing a series of meetups around Sia’s decentralized storage technology for the French-speaking community and English-speaking.

Grant Specifics

#Community impact

The community impact of our project is at several levels:

  • At the level of end users and developers, our project will bring a large number of developers to understand the functioning of the Blockchain Sia. Thanks to the various Meetups organized in direct liaison with the Facebook and GDG Google developer communities in Cameroon, Senegal and Ivory Coast (more than 2,000 developers).

  • At the level of companies and young French-speaking start-ups, this will make it possible to create new projects around Sia’s storage technology.

Major requirements & deliverables

  • API Deliverable :
  • Develop and publish a comprehensive documentation for the Sia API, including information on endpoints, parameters, and responses.

  • Create a developer portal that provides API keys, sample code, implementations models for different language, Datas dashboards about the current Sia Network State.

  • Implement OAuth2 authentication to secure API access and provide different levels of access to users.

  • Use RESTful architecture to make the API easy to use and integrate with other systems.

  • Create a testing sandbox environment for developers to test their applications with the API without affecting the live blockchain network.

  • Integrate webhooks to enable real-time notifications to third-party applications.

  • Implement rate limiting to prevent abuse and ensure fair usage of the API.

  • Provide analytics and usage metrics to developers to help them understand how their applications are using the API.

  • Enable CORS to allow cross-origin requests and enable more efficient data transfers.

  • Host the API on a scalable and reliable infrastructure to ensure high availability and performance.

  • Learning Deliverables

Create 4 comprehensible video tutorials in French and English on:

  • The deployment of a Renterd server

  • Use of renterd for rent storage on the network

  • Installation of a mining server on the Sia network

  • Provide storage space on the Sia marketplace

Create a docusaurus website with comprehensive tutorials:

  • Sia Development on Js and python
  • Learning courses about Sia Network, Sia Funds and Siacoin
  • Embed French developer community

Organize 3 online meetups in partnership with the French-speaking developer community in Africa GDG and FaceBook Developer (more than 2000 members).


Our detailed Spending budget :

Milestone 1 : 14000$

  • Blockchain and Backend develloper (3 months Salary) = 6000$

  • Frontend develloper (3 months Salary) = 6000$

  • Community management + Video creation (9 months Salary) = 1500$

  • AWS/Linode Cloud Services = 500$

Milestone 2 : 12500$

  • Blockchain and Backend develloper (3 months Salary) = 6000$

  • Frontend develloper (3 months Salary) = 6000$

  • Aws/Linode Cloud Services = 500$

Milestone3 : 5350$

  • Blockchain and Backend develloper maintenance and updates (6 months Fees) = 1800$

  • Frontend develloper maintenance and updates (6 months Fees) = 1800$

  • Community management + Video creation (9 months Salary) = 750$

  • AWS Cloud Services = 1000$

Total Budget: 31 850$

~#Risks and Technical Feasibility


  • Development and maintenance costs may exceed the budget.
  • Technical challenges may arise that could delay the project.
  • There may be difficulties in securing API access and ensuring fair usage.
  • Adoption of the API may not meet expectations, leading to a lack of interest from developers.
  • It can be difficult to convert Learner in permanent users of the sia blockchain technology

Technical feasibility:

  • The technical feasibility of this project relies on the ability to create a scalable and reliable infrastructure to host the API. This will require a robust backend and frontend development team with experience in developing APIs.
  • Implementing OAuth2 authentication, RESTful architecture, webhooks, rate limiting, analytics, and usage metrics will require significant technical expertise.
  • The use of AWS Cloud Services will be essential for hosting the API and ensuring high availability and performance.

Development Information

Will all of your project’s code be open-source?: Yes it’s fully open source

Leave a link where code will be accessible for review.

SIA API : GitHub - kttm25/siafrench

Sia Learning website:

Thanks for the proposal, quite interesting. A few questions, though:

  • The core team will develop a comprehensive API documentation once the software will be released (at least in beta). Will your task boil down to just translating it into French?
  • Any translation needs to be maintained together with the mainstream documentation. What is your standpoint on that?
  • There is already an existing service that provides a lot of network-related information and API endpoints ( What will be different in your project?
  • Could you specify what the Milestones 1, 2, and 3 will include?

Thank you for your interest in our proposal. We apologize but an error caused the publication of an incorrect version of our grant proposal. An update with corrections has been made.
To answer your questions:

1- The task is not limited to a simple translation but to a complete and detailed writing of the API documentation of the software including response models, tutorials on its use and examples of use in 3 different languages (javascript, java and python)

2- Concerning the maintenance of translations and especially of all of our work, we will ensure it in a constant manner while following the technological evolution of the Sia teams.

3- It is true that siastats includes a good number of queries to facilitate access to data, but thanks to the SiaFrench public node, users will be able to:

  • Have well-structured status queries on the entire network accessible by dates.
  • Be able to check its use of Sia network data using the SiaFrench nodes dashboard
  • Have an access path in Socket for certain requests facilitating the creation of real time application

4- The different deliverables by milestones:
Milestone 1:

  • Hosted public API module to help user easily interact with the Sia Core Network (SiaFrench Node). The main routes developed are presented here: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration
  • Detailed documentation on the Siafrench node module in French and English
  • Tutorial suite on Siac and Renterd to learn its use, its deployment and especially how to use it as a development base for applications based on Sia
  • Resumption of Renterd’s public documentation in French with detailed examples on its use with its API module in different programming languages
  • Creation of the suite of descriptive courses of the sia network and its various actors as well as the first suite of tutorials on its use
  • Creation of 3 dev videos on the Sia project
  • Organization of the first online metup for the French-speaking community on Sia technology
  • Manage French Sia community

Milestone 2:

  • Creation of the Siafrench dashboard web interface to be able to display the various network metrics, generate the API authentication keys for the
  • Completion of the SiaFrench Node module by integrating analytical queries, the token authentication system for public nodes and the rest of the queries.
  • Creation of 3 additional tutorial videos on the use of the different tools of the Sia network
  • Maintenance and updating of public repositories
  • Manage French Sia community

Milestone 3:

  • Maintenance and updating of Git repositories with the various technological advances on Sia
  • Manage french Sia community
  • Creation of public analytical models to facilitate the analysis of the evolution of the network