Grant proposal: Hype Squad - DAO focused on education in Web3

Name of organization or individual and project name.

Hype Squad

Michał Wojtas - Team Lead
EXP: Fanadise/MAMNFT/Fancy Bears Metaverse/Star Heroes
Mikołaj Smereczyński - Marketing
EXP: Fanadise/MAMNFT/Fancy Bears Metaverse/Star Heroes
Filip Mokrodulski - Video And Production
EXP: Pareidolia / Fanadise / Fancy Bears Metaverse
Łukasz Olender - Acquisition
EXP: Web3 Devs Poland/Wennect
Aleksander Wasielewski - Event / Project Manager
EXP: Fanadise/MAMNFT/Fancy Bears Metaverse/BIG idea
Magdalena Żuchowska - Community Lead
EXP: Fancy Bears Metaverse
Zuzanna Jelska - Social Media
EXP: Fanadise/Fancy Bears Metaverse

Purpose of the grant: who benefits and how the project will serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data.


  • educated people ready to start work in web3 (developers, business managers, marketing, HR, PR, UX/UI etc.)

  • Businessmen will have interesting opportunities and enter their existing business from web2 to web3

  • New projects and initiatives in web3 because people will understand the idea and possibilities

  • People start investing in web3 startups, tokens, NFT, Gamefi, DeFi, metaverse, new technology

  • Acquisition of new community members, users, and token holders

Code contributions must be open source.

Timeline with measurable objectives and goals.

Q1 2023

  • 1000 users on discord

  • First partnerships in web3

  • First IRL community event

  • Lectures in 15 high schools in Warsaw

Q2 2023

  • first partnerships in web2

  • Lectures in 15 high schools in Warsaw

  • First AMA with web3 founder

  • Preperation for moving to DAO (education)

Q3 2023

  • first partnership with blockchain event

  • partnership with IT companies and hackathons

  • first community investment in the web3 project

  • Continuation lectures program

Q4 2023

  • web3 talent acquisition server

  • community launchpad (supporting community ideas)

  • first web3 event organized by the community

  • DAO setup


Lectures in 30 high schools in Warsaw Q1-Q2 - this will be the beginning of the project. 100 in total lectures will be given in 2023 and it will be the main boost at the start for community building.

Full DAO organization set up - our project will be DAO organization. After educating people what DAO is the how it will work, we will set up two layer DAO organization in NaaS

First community investment in the web3 project - we want to make it easier for the community to start investing in web3 so we create a social investing hub.

Web3 talent acquisition server - after educating people about web3 we will release services for employers and employees.

Community launchpad - everyone in DAO will be allowed to use our launchpad, where the community can help in brand new community projects.

Any potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project.
Covid and closed schools, long bear market, bad previous experience.

Budget and justification.

Reporting requirements: Progress reports to the foundation/committee and to the community.

Yes, we will report up to date.

Just letting you know that your post was moved into the proper category of Foundation->Grants.

Additionally, the Grants Committee meets semi-weekly, and unfortunately, your post was made just before the meeting started and there was not enough time to properly evaluate the proposal beforehand so it will be reviewed before the next meeting which will be December 13th.

Thank you,

Hello Wojtas,

The Grants Committee reviewed your proposal and has unfortunately decided to Reject it.

The proposal is rather vague, and has nothing to do with Sia specifically – Sia is not even mentioned once. It would not have much impact on our community or address significant needs.

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee