Grant Proposal: Global Grants

Project Name: Global Grants

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal: Absolute Media.

@ml23 on Discord.

Describe your project.

And what if there existed a unique solution that could bring awareness to the Grants Program to every corner of the world, reaching developers from all spheres?

Absolute Media is a company that operates across three core pillars: Paid media, digital positioning and active prospecting. Using tools, we identify and reach your target audience, delivering your message clearly and effectively through personalized and persuasive communication.

We aim to execute a proactive prospecting strategy utilizing email, LinkedIn, and other communication channels, with the goal of expanding the global outreach of the Grants Program. Our objective is to identify softwares developers who possess a genuine interest and enthusiasm to contribute towards the growth of the Sia network through active participation in the Grants Program. We aim to discover individuals willing to create innovative software solutions that further strengthen Sia’s infrastructure.

Our primary goal is to lead effective communication that guides developers to the central promotion page, which is the existing official grants page: Sia - Grants. This way, those impacted will have access to all essential information to confidently submit their proposals.

Furthermore, we aim to enhance the reach and accessibility of the promotion by translating the page into two or three additional languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, as needed. Our strategy includes an ongoing commitment through targeted advertising on Meta Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads, ensuring continuous communication with those who have already visited the page. This ensures that interested parties stay updated on Grants Program opportunities and are encouraged to participate actively. It is important to emphasize that any promotional material to be used must be approved by the Foundation before being released, ensuring alignment with the company’s vision.

Of course, this is a simplified way to describe our work, which encompasses a profound technical and strategic understanding. However, in broad terms, this is how we can summarize it.

Since 2018, I have been a member of the Sia community and have closely followed the project’s progress and throughout this time, one of the most persistent challenges, consistently highlighted by the community, has been the lack of visibility for the Sia network and that is precisely why we are submitting this proposal.

We are fully aware of the nature of the Sia Foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the intricate speculative dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Given these considerations, any marketing initiative requires a cautious approach. This caution often hinders reaching those who are not yet familiar with the Sia network and its significant importance. For this reason, it is essential to make it absolutely clear that we have no intention of promoting or discussing matters related to Siacoin or any cryptocurrency-related topics on this project.

The core of our project entails the implementation of a proactive prospecting approach and efficient traffic management, aiming to identify developers who can play a crucial role in the ongoing growth of the network through the Grants Program. Our focus is specifically on attracting capable individuals who can create software that integrates with the Sia platform’s infrastructure, providing a valuable contribution to the whole ecosystem.

Grant Specifics

Project Timeline:

To efficiently and effectively reach developers, we will divide our efforts into sprints, each lasting 60 days, totaling approximately 6 months in total. Once the initial 60-day sprint is completed and a new sprint begins, the previous sprint will not be deactivated or cease to be optimized. Each sprint will focus on a different continent, enhancing communication with the target audience and seeking similarities in beliefs and culture to maximize results.

There is a possibility that a sprint may perform exceptionally well, leading us to continue exploring such opportunities if agreed upon by the Foundation.

  • 1st Month: Creation and development of communication, initiation of contact attempts with the target audience, measurement of results, and presentation of reports - Latin America.

  • 2nd Month: Analysis of key KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), identification of improvement opportunities, necessary optimizations to enhance conversion rates, and presentation of reports - Latin America.

  • 3rd Month: Creation and development of communication, initiation of contact attempts with the target audience, measurement of results, and presentation of reports - Africa.

  • 4th Month: Analysis of key KPIs, identification of improvement opportunities, necessary optimizations to enhance conversion rates, and presentation of reports - Africa.

  • 5th Month: Creation and development of communication, initiation of contact attempts with the target audience, measurement of results, and presentation of reports - Asia.

  • 6th Month: Analysis of key KPIs, identification of improvement opportunities, necessary optimizations to enhance conversion rates, and presentation of reports - Asia.

The currency exchange power has influenced the order of continent selection in the project, where we can find excellent developers with better cost-effectiveness compared to the values charged in the grants proposals, and markets where the Grants Program is probably less known. However, this can be altered if agreed upon in advance by all parties (us and the Foundation). If we follow the proposed schedule, the last two continents, Europe and Oceania, and North America will be addressed sequentially after the presentation of a new proposal, after 6 months.


Our goals are ambitious and geared towards tangible outcomes:

  • Expand Global Developer Engagement: We aim for a significant increase in the number of developers who become familiar with and choose to build on the Sia network through the Grants Program. Our focus will extend beyond borders, reaching talents in various countries.
  • Elevate Ecosystem Awareness: Our strategy aims to strengthen the overall understanding of the Sia ecosystem. We seek to raise awareness to a level where a broader range of individuals comprehends the relevance and potential of the Sia network.

By achieving these goals, our initiative solidifies as a robust and enduring growth engine for the Grants Program and the Sia network.


We have identified that the risks associated with the project are mostly mitigable due to the prospecting and dissemination approach we are implementing.
The main concern is the possibility of some developers not showing immediate interest in building on the Sia network. However, even in this scenario, our initiative ensures an increase in overall knowledge about the platform. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for these developers to contribute in the future.
Therefore, we assess that the involved risks are considered low, given the inherent ability of the project to create awareness and engagement around the Sia network, regardless of immediate results from participation in the Grants Program. We are confident that the benefits and opportunities far outweigh any potential risks.


To effectively achieve our objectives and ensure the success of this project, we estimate a total budget of U$30.000,00 over a 6-month period. This amount will be evenly distributed with a monthly investment of U$5.000,00 paid in US dollars.

The allocation of this budget will primarily be directed towards essential activities conducted by the team responsible for this endeavor. The resources will be distributed as follows:

  • Specialized Team U$3.000,00: To ensure efficient execution, approximately 60% of the allocation will go towards team compensation. This encompasses experts in paid traffic management, design, video editing, crafting landing pages, copywriting, and other essential skills.
  • Advertisements and Ongoing Communication U$2.000,00: A substantial portion of 40% of the budget will be allocated to advertisements on strategic platforms such as Meta Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads, ensuring that our message reaches the right audience and is sustained over time.

This investment is crucial for us to achieve the best possible results, both in terms of awareness and developer engagement. We firmly believe that this budget will empower us to conduct a robust and successful campaign that will contribute to the growth and strengthening of the Grants Program and the Sia network.

Development Information

Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports?

Yes, we accept submitting monthly progress reports. We have established a transparent accountability system through which detailed monthly reports will be sent, outlining the progress made. These reports will encompass quantitative metrics that distinctly demonstrate the impact of our actions.

Project outcomes will be measured and optimized through performance traffic and the collection and analysis of data. The primary KPIs analyzed will include: the number of contacts made, the number of responses received, the number of link clicks, the number of page visits, the number of new members in the Discord group, and the number of new projects submitted.

The reports will be shared directly with the foundation, as well as publicly disclosed on the Community Grants Forum and Discord, ensuring complete transparency and visibility to all interested parties. The metrics we will employ to gauge project outcomes include:

  • Number of Contacted Developers: We will utilize prospecting automation tools to quantify the number of developers engaged.
  • Page Access Count: Google Analytics metrics will offer insights into the volume of visits to the Grants Program page.
  • Content View Count: Through Google Analytics, we will monitor the number of views on content related to the initiative.
  • Discord or Page Conversions: We will track how many developers were directed to the Discord or the official project page, allowing for a direct assessment of engagement.

These objective and detailed metrics will enable us to accurately assess project progress and impact, allowing us to adjust our strategies as necessary to achieve optimal results.

Future Plans:

Our plans for the future reflect our ongoing commitment to the growth and expansion of the Sia ecosystem. After the initial 6-month period, we intend to submit a new proposal that will not only maintain the strategies proposed thus far but also introduce an additional dimension.
This next step involves expanding the promotion of the other projects included in the Grants Program. Our focus will extend not only to developers but also to the general audience interested in web3/decentralized web, who will make use of the platforms resulting from these Grants Programs. In this way, we will be creating a continuous cycle of value, where awareness, engagement, and adoption mutually reinforce each other.
We are excited about this planned evolution as we believe it will further enhance the visibility and utility of the solutions developed through the Grants Program, contributing to a more vibrant and interconnected Sia ecosystem.


This project will play a pivotal role in increasing the number of engaged developers in building and adopting the Sia network through the Grants Program. We anticipate that this active participation will have a positive effect on the ecosystem as a whole.

We firmly believe that, in the long run, this increase in developer participation will contribute to a substantial rise in the number of users for all projects that are part of the Grants Program.

We are aware that, even though we are not developers, our commitment to the community drives us to contribute significantly to the growth and progress of the Sia network, and also, we hope that our efforts can assist and enhance the work of the newly hired Developer Relations.

This project reflects our dedication to play an active role in the network’s development and represents our way of contributing to the ongoing expansion of it. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this collaborative effort and eagerly look forward to the positive outcomes that we are confident in achieving together.

Contact info


Thanks for your proposal. While we appreciate your commitment to the non-profit restrictions surrounding marketing a grants program, the committee has decided to reject this proposal. The is primarily due to the committee preferring that marketing not be tied to grants, and not seeing value in things like the proposal’s budget split between action and ad buys.

Hello Steve, thank you for your response. I understand the situation, and in fact, my team and I had a discussion after reading some community feedback regarding our proposal, and we thought that perhaps a different approach might be more appropriate. Your response now confirms this for us.

We can completely remove marketing and advertisements, and instead, focus solely on active outreach, research tools, creating personalized lists, and utilizing email automation with a headhunter approach to find new developers for the Grants Program. This would significantly lower the cost of the proposal, while the potential returns remain promising, much like in the initial proposal. Considering the low number of proposals that have been submitted in recent months, we believe we could make a positive impact.

We would require a monthly budget of $200 for a 3-month trial period, totaling $600, to cover the expenses of creating a customized list, email automation, and a professional email setup. For each proposal submitted through our efforts, we would charge a fee of $500, and for each accepted proposal, an additional $500, totaling $1,000 per accepted proposal. The method of quantifying developers and proposals could be discussed with the committee to determine the best way to have control over it.

I look forward to your response and thank you in advance.

Hello @Mleal7,

Thanks again for this proposal. The committee has decided to reject this grant.

The Foundation has previously pursued marketing efforts directly, and not under the Grants program. While this particular setup would not be desirable for us, please feel free to email with any future marketing services.

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee

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Hello Kino,

Thank you for your response, I will keep that in mind.