Grant Proposal: 1i

1i 3EEE: Environmental Economic Ecology.

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Data accumulation for 3 categories, reaching over higher expectations to fulfill a broad, realistic time line without interference. Myself, as an interest to integrity that depends on high security can be publicly measured by anyone if I succeed. Successful security is important & my project puts this together while it maintains true over time. The involvement of the work produce has high potential of corruption within the work delivered that I aim to reduce.

Grant Specifics

I would like to see $80,000.00 to produce large scale storage array, capable of offering virtual system access with optimal performance that allows deep learning capabilities, rental leverage in computing capacity. Basic operating system that will run a backend of already established hardware configured to the blockchain. The rental service being reduced price to solely run data sheets, along with basic user provided services.

The project may take up to 6 months. Depending on my state of professional deployment is solely put around the equipment capable of being utilized in a given moment. 2 years to fully reach each milestone, ensuring each produced step has optimal quality.

Security. Sell off. My data has been compromised by some of most sophisticated attacks.

Yes, however the offered systems will be a closed container with Linux OS. Plug in cubes that users make them selves, while the rental power solely consists of admin function. The container will house typical user data to analyze the users throughput.

Monthly reports are extremely needed. I intent to put up a live feed on all propagated involvement. Changes & soon implemented functions will be there to encourage the community to participate asap!

The longer I read, the more questions I get.

What are you actually building?
Are you going to rent storage yourself, or are you making something that allows others to do so?
Can you break down why you need $80K?
What are the risks of your project?

The Github link seems broken.

Excuse me, but what on the Earth are you talking about? I am really struggling to understand what you are trying to propose.

Of the three pillars of every project - the scope, the timeline, and the funding - I can only see the latter, 80K USD. What is the timeline, 6 months or 2 years? And most important, what is the scope, what are you trying to build?

It looks also to me that you did not use the suggested template to submit your proposal. There are certain questions, which you need to answer. Please stick to that template and redefine your proposal, or it will be a waste of time for the Grant Committee and for you.

Hello @r1V3r,

Thanks for the proposal from the 1i team.

Unfortunately, the committee has rejected this proposal.

The current comments in this thread echo committee concerns. Questions regarding your timeline, scope, simple clarification on what the project is actually intending to do, and most importantly how Sia integrates into this project all need to be answered.

If this proposal is updated addressing those concerns, we can re-consider.


Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee