Gran Proposal: Integrate SIA to

We are asking for a nonmonetary grant but more marketing and resource grant.

  1. Name of organization: IoTeX
  2. Purpose of the grant: integrate SIA into so that general audience can see the geolocation and availability of all data hosts without sharing individual host information. This will generate more awareness
  3. Timeline with measurable objectives and goals: depends on the systems, if all location data is readily available a couple of hours of integration should be enough, otherwise around an hour.
  4. Any potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project: nothing foreseen
  5. Budget and justification: no budget, just help from a junior dev to integrate from SIA side or API with information for us to integrate on our part.
  6. Reporting requirements: We can show once integration is done and light up the map with all SIA hosts :)

Hello, what you are asking for is unclear.

The sia grants program is intended to fund community projects for the ecosystem. If you do not need money, please clarify what you are asking for, as you may benefit by being in the discord and asking questions if you wish to integrate with Sia. You need no formal contract to do that.


Thanks for the post @mtanchezm. @pcfreak30 said it well, this forum is designed for budget requests from the Foundation Grants Program. If you decide to propose something along those lines, please follow the proposal formats found here: Sia - Grants

For general help and to contact our team, please head over to our Discord server: Feel free to ping an online moderator should you need help. Thanks again.