Gamify the education of Sia

Project Name:
CryptoChefs & Cryptonaire

Company’s name

Web3 and Cryptocurrencies will change the world we know today. The value it can add to our world cannot be delivered until we have a better understanding of Web3.One of the biggest questions we should ask is how can we educate and shift the culture of the masses to understand it?

Project Description:
[CryptoChefs] is a DeFi gamification factory that enables players to monetize their Crypto knowledge and make decisions based on data rather than random online advice when they decide to start investing.
At CrypoChefs the players (chefs) can create portfolios (recipes) and add different coins or tokens (ingredients). These Recipes will later compete for daily, weekly, and monthly rewards based on their performance in the real market. Our players love CryptoChefs not only for its competitive nature, but also for its educational part. That’s why we added a mini quiz game to our kitchen, called Cryptonaire.
Our to-be-launched App,Cryptonaire, gamifies the educational process of Web3 and rewards students for answering questions related to Web3 and its best projects.
Using the concept of Learn2Earn in our App, we will give the chance to everyone to be rewarded through crypto airdrops by simply learning about projects, through reading our flashcards and watch our short videos, and answer related questions.

Our team is requesting a fund of 11,000 for 3 months
The justification is as follows:

  • Free of charge: Listing Sia in our kitchen permanently for players to be able to add it to their recipes

  • $4,000 Research Team: Our research team will create a question bank about Sia with around 75-125 questions to be added to Sia Challenge on Cryptonaire App

  • $4,000 Content creation Team: Our content creators will create flashcards and short videos about Sia to be viewed by the players before taking the Sia Challenge

  • $2,000 Tech Team: Support the Tech team and developers in the App

  • A minimum of $1,000 to be airdropped on weekly basis to the top players on the leaderboard for a period of 3 months.

Development Information
CryptoChefs has been live for a year, today we have around 289,000 AROMAs (Our token) staked on 557 active players. Our community has been growing organically in a very satisfying way. On the other hand, Cryptonaire is being cooked and will be live on the App Store and Google Play in December 2022.
Besides the general daily Web3 Quiz, we have created different question banks for the following projects:
-IOTA - Chainlink - Casper Network. - Shimmer Network. - Elrond and of course Bitcoin & Ethereum.

After the proposal is approved:

  • 2 Weeks: research
  • 2 Weeks: creating the questions bank
  • 2 Weeks: reviewing the questions from Sia’s team

During the period of these 6 weeks a short video will be created about Sia and many flashcards for users to learn from.

After the period of 6 weeks, Sia’s challenge will be live in our App, and Sia will be listed in our kitchen for players to add it to their recipes.


  • Number of players adding Sia to their recipes.
  • Amount of rewards players receive after adding Sia to their recipes
  • Number of players taking Sia’s challenge in Cryptonaire
  • Success rate of players taking Sia’s challenge

What are the risks we might face?

  • Bear market makes people less interested in Web3 leading to:
  • very few number of players
  • Lack of fund

That’s it? I don’t think so, I believe there are risks and challenges that we will see along the way, and we are ready for it. We will have a lot of options but giving up on CryptoChefs and Cryptonaire is not an option, not for me personally and not for any teammate.

Your team will have access to the questions bank, no questions will be added to the App before being reviewed by you.
On biweekly basis we will report to you the number of players who took Sia Challenge, share the answers they provided which will give you an impression of people’s understanding of Sia and help you find the areas that are unclear to your community.

Can we do it?
YES, as I said, giving up on these 2 projects is not an option for us. We are here to build and we are here to stay. no one knows and understands our projects more than we do and we believe in what we are doing 100%. Believing and dreaming is not enough though, and that is also not the case here. We have a team of professionals who have great experience in the space and have been working together at CryptoChefs for a year and on other projects for a longer period of time. Please get to know more about our team here

wow that took me a while!
So guys, my name is Walid, I am the head of BD at cryptochefs
get to know me more through my linkedin here
I tried to explain cryptochefs and cryptonaire in an easy way, but it is already clear to me and it is hard to tell if I made it clear to. everyone else!
so please dont hesitate to ask any questions and give any feedback!
peace :smiley:

Hello Walid,

The committee evaluated your grant proposal and has come to the decision to Reject it.

The proposal does not address a recognized need in the Sia ecosystem, and would not meaningfully impact our community. Furthermore, our policy requires that all code and other assets produced with grant funding must be made freely available for public use, which does not appear to be the case here.

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee