Formal proposal to change Skynet name

I want to propose a future change to the Skynet brand name. Although the sia and Skynet community have readily embraced the Skynet name, it is crucial to recognize the future possibility that the broadcasting company Sky TV (BSkyB) may file trademark name infringement lawsuits against Skynet Labs one day. They trademarked the word ‘Sky’ and are notorious for going after anyone that even uses the term.

In 2013, Sky TV went after Microsoft over the name SkyDrive and forced them changed the name to OneDrive. The company that built the game No Man’s Sky went into legal battles for years with Sky TV because of their usage of the word ‘Sky’ in their title.

I would also mention that the community has a tradition of using Sky+word on new brand names such as Skychat, Skyfeed, etc. Similar to Skydrive from Microsoft, there is the possibility that Sky TV may seek to enact trademark name infringement lawsuits against these sites.

My suggestion is to keep the name Skynet until the Sia storage capacity and Skynet downloads become bigger. I don’t think this will occur for another two or three years, but it is a meaningful discussion because it will happen one day; it must be taken into account that, eventually, Sky TV (BSkyB) may try to sue Skynet Labs for trademark name infringement.

I wouldn’t do it preemptively . Wait for the lawsuits, good for publicity.

This is more of a proposal to discuss potentially changing the name of Skynet, not to have it done before threats of lawsuits. Sia forums are the place for official discussions over discord; I want it to be known that this will likely occur in the not-too-distant future, considering Sky TV is known for being extremely hawkish with their trademark.

there are a lot of Companies or brands using the word “Sky” also you can not own the word
“Sky” or “Cloud” or “Sun” :sun_behind_small_cloud:

You’d be surprised how effective lawyers can be. If apple decided that the “pro” terminology was worth trademarking, I bet they could get every other large tech company to stop using it with sheer force of $$

I agree that we should eventually move from the Skynet brand name, but more because of the obvious Terminator reference that frightens people, rather than because of trademark woes.

That being said, it could be fun to discuss name changes. Maybe we can strike on something better than Skynet.

Are there any suggestions to what you would want to change it to? The most logical suggestion would be SiaNet / SiaLabs… but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nice as Skynet!