Decentralized Feminine Health Data


This grant proposes a decentralized storage scheme specifically designed for feminine health data. The platform will enable women to track their menstrual cycle and other health information without fear of government eavesdropping. The system will satisfy the criteria for HIPAA regulation, such as de-identification of medical data, and will readily import into established telehealth and EHR platforms. The project will empower women to take back control of their health data and highlight the social impact of decentralized file storage systems like Sia.

Grant Specifics

Total: $150,000

Term: one year


  • $120K app development
  • $30K user testing and advertising


  • Q1 existing app research, mockup, and internal prototype
  • Q2 beta test 1 and 2 and first clinical partner
  • Q3 alpha test 1 and 2, second clinical partner, and one NGO
  • Q4 public release and co-marketing with clinical partner and NGO

Development Information

Code will be transparently shared on GitHub. Progress will be tracked through quarterly committee meetings, where funding will cease with insufficient progress. Committee and community members will be solicited for feedback during beta and alpha tests, and their suggestions will be made public.

Additional Information

About the submitter: Dave Deriso studied Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University and taught data visualization at Stanford for three years. He programs in C++ (embedded, desktop, and with CUDA), Python, Typescript (expertise in Angular), Swift, and used to program in R, Java, ActionScript, and Modern Fortran. Recent academic paper: A general optimization framework for dynamic time warping

Author’s note: Although I’m new to this community, I deeply respect what you’re doing and would welcome a chance to contribute.

Hi, thanks for your submission. I find it quite interesting but have a couple of questions.

What exactly do you mean by committee and committee meetings?

Exactly for this reason, I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing some of your previous works (GitHub repos, site links, etc.)?

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I find this project interesting as well, but I am curious to know if you have any plans for the engineering yet or if this is just a big-picture idea that you are looking for funding on and will be learning the tech as you go.


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Another issue came up after a discussion on Sia Discord.

One of the HIPAA requirements is that the data must be physically inaccessible to those unauthorized. Of course, the data on Sia is encrypted, so you cannot read it if you do not have the key, but you still can have access to the HDD where it is stored if you are a host.

This is not necessarily a risk for the tech, but it is definitely a risk for HIPAA compliance.

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Hello dderiso,

The Grants Committee reviewed your proposal and has unfortunately decided to Reject it.

The proposal lacks many important details, including potential risks and justification for the budget. The goals and objectives are also unclear – for example, is this a mobile app, a desktop app, a website, or something else?

Finally, the role of Sia in this product is underspecified, especially given the cost. We recommend creating an MVP of this app and then re-applying for a grant to integrate Sia as a storage backend. It is an interesting concept, however, we need sufficient justification in order to fund development.

Kino on behalf of the Sia Foundation and Grants Committee