Decentralised Patient Data

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I think with Skynet and SkyID it is possible to build decentralised Patient Data. To get started with that topic, you can take a look at: I really like the idea and i believe Sia can provide a better solution then the mentioned model with Etherum and IPFS. Not sure if there is a need to mention here that such a model needs to be payable by everyone, so with actual Etherum fees that might not work (not sure how long IPFS stays at free to use for all). Then it sounds more complicated to do that (combining Etherum and IPFS) then just use Sia.

So how can a solution build on Sia/Skynet/SkyID work ?

Also i think that such a Model is needed because if those Data is Centralised and gets hacked(nothing is 100% save), then all Patient data is gone. With a decentralised Model, the breach would only affect one Patient.

So to build a centralised System for that needs more Ressources to make it secure and the risk if something happens is higher. Another thing is that if too much Patients or Doctors at the same time work with that centralised system, it might happen that the system goes down.

So that should be enough for an introduction from my side. I ve already had some conversations about this topic and involved some community members.

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Yeah I’m not saying that isn’t important, but it’d be dang hard to get rolling.
Bureaucracy is hard to change, especially when so much is at stake.
If this were to actually to happen in a country like the US, you’d have to get a big corporation behind it to actually bankroll it into the institutions with massive developer support and testing.

Then again, if you were to target developing countries to keep them away from the trappings of the developed worlds health systems, that could be something very valuable.

Then again, I’m no expert on any of this and I’d like to hear what someone more knowledgeable that me thinks about it.

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I agree, me too !

So far i know that the they will start another Iteration around that topic somewhen in February. I would like to contribute with a Sia solution if it is possible for me to participate.