Community funded storage

Users can contribute SC to a certain wallet address to automatically extend the lifetime of a particular file/fileset. The most obvious use-case would be to allow a decentralized static website to live on in perpetuity as long as enough people donate to the site’s wallet. The service/software would extend contracts as needed based on wallet funds and would display information about how much funds have been contributed and the expected lifetime of the file.

The service should consider allowing donators or others to be informed (email?) when the wallet is low on funds and that the files will be deleted in X days.

Extending a file’s lifetime is only useful if the file/fileset is available to download/view. Some sort of mechanism would have to be provided giving access to the funded assets; FTP/HTTP/BitTorrent or the like - there are other ideas (such as the S3 gateway) that could enable this.

From what I understand, you cannot take over another renters contracts, only form your own to keep the sectors alive and paid.

So this is possible but it requires a portal software be designed for this.