Alphaday is a powerful crypto workflow aggregator that pulls in news, on-chain data, social media, web3 services and much more into one customizable UI

Name: Alphaday
Organization: Alphabox Solutions
Owner: Deniz Omer
Website / Beta App:

Purpose of the grant: We’d like to build a Sia community dashboard on Alphaday that aggregates Sia news, on-chain data, social media, dev resources and much more into one customizable UI.

Having all this information in one place allows Sia stakeholders (ie. users, developers, investors) to easily stay up to date on Sia ecosystem updates, see the latest news and developments, do research and stay engaged. In general users who can track their favourite projects more easily stay more engaged with the project which in turn supports user retention.

Grant Specifics
Timeline with measurable objectives and goals:

We launched the beta version of Alphaday in August 2022. If we receive a grant it will take us roughly 2 months to create and launch the Sia community board.

We would like to create a Sia ecosystem dashboard that aggregates the following information into a single community dashboard:

  • The latest Sia official announcements and blog post content
  • A feed of all news mentions of Sia from coindesk, cointelegraph and 20+ other news sources aggregated from across the internet
  • A calendar containing all Sia events including Sia Governance votes, meetups, hackathons with Sia bounties, AMAs.
  • Podcast feed containing the latest appearances and interviews given by Sia team members.
  • Youtube stream containing educational Sia content.
  • Sia Documentation directory.
  • Integration with Sia Forum to show the latest and trending discussion topics.
  • Twitter, Reddit, Discord, & Telegram Integration to show a feed of latest discussions.
  • Whitepaper, Siacoin (SC) tokenomics information, FAQ pulled from
  • Sia Careers integration to show the latest open jobs listed on Sia.
  • Ecosystem widget - Projects building on Sia, links and descriptions.
  • Sia metrics pulled in from siastats.

Development Information
Code contributions:
We are in the process of open-sourcing our frontend. We have used some off-the-shelf library that are closed-source so we are reviewing what we can and can’t open-source.

Any potential risks that will affect the outcome of the project:
No foreseeable risks are associated with the development and implementation of our project.

Budget and justification:
1,200 USDC upfront costs for development including integrating the discussion forums, blog post, social feed, jobs listing, and on-chain metrics.

100 USDC per month for 12 months for maintenance including having an Alphaday content analyst quality-checking the dashboard every day and ensuring the Calendar widget is up-to-date with latest Sia events, all news mentions across the internet are captured by the dashboard, any updates not automatically captured by the Alphaday aggregator engine is manually added to the board, and other maintenance tasks.

Total Budget: 2,400 USD

Reporting requirements: Progress reports to the foundation/committee and to the community:
Our content team will be keeping in touch with you to manage the board and its contents according to your requirements, both before and after it’s public. In addition, once the board is ready, an Alphaday content analyst will be quality-checking the dashboard every day.


Some of this is interesting, But I thought you might like to know that Lume Web owns the domain and, which will have some cross-owner with what you are doing (news and education).

I don’t have any other opinions besides the potential overlap of effort.


This will be a hard requirement for the foundation and a dealbreaker. I don’t speak for them (Im just a community dev), but the core of this grant is about FOSS.

You mentioned there might be cross-over but I believe that the scope and the mission of the projects is pretty different and in the longer term Alphaday can actually greatly benefit from what Lume is building by integrating its decentralized services into the Alphaday frontend.

I am more referring to any education efforts you might do, not any coin news or analytics.

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Hi @Alphaday team,
cc @Deniz-Alphaday

Congratulations, the Grants Committee has approved your grant proposal!

Despite certain library components of Alphaday potentially not being open-source, the committee has agreed that they are not fundamentally blocking the purpose of the Grants Program as long as data sources and other critical components remain open source and transparent. Put more simply, our new policy on this moving forward is:

“Projects can use closed-source components, but can’t develop closed-source code.”

Thanks for helping us develop it!

Regarding payments, the Foundation can make grant payments in Siacoins or fiat. Unfortunately we cannot make payments in USDC.

Please respond to this thread with your contact email address and we’ll be in touch to get you started!

Thank you, we really appreciate the opportunity to build this for the Sia ecosystem!

My email is

Can references to Sia Stream be removed? The company building it went out of business.
Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 8.18.57 AM

The committee has reviewed your report and is pleased with your progress. No layout or data changes at this time. Please let us know what your next steps will be as the project nears completion!

This is great to hear!

The next step for us is to publish this dashboard by changing the url from the current custom one to one that is app dot alphaday dot com / sia (I can’t paste the link here because of anti-spam rules)

And once we’ve done that we would appreciate if we could do some co-marketing with your team to increase awareness of the dashboard amongst the Sia community. Any tweet by you guys would be hugely appreciated.