Lost Transfer of Siacoin from Poloniex

  • @sulaimandahlan me too sir,

  • Why my transaction unsuccesful

  • My 50000 SC had just arrived from Polo to my wallet. Waited for 6 days.

    My polo ticket id was #218369, so it seems like polo support progressed to that extent.

  • Dear All..
    My transaction has been successful...
    Hopefully your transactions are all smooth and made easier ... AaMiin

  • Oh no, i had 40,000 SIa at Polo and it disappeared WITHOUT me transferring it. just poof.

  • awww snap. after approx a week and half my siacoin transfer from polo to sia wallet has appeared on the blockchain. the txid # was found when input into the "hash" search field on explore.sia.tech. hurray!! what once was lost is now found.

  • Do not worry guys, you are going to have your coins back. They are not lost. I got them from Poloniex after 12 days.

  • Lost 500 siacoin to poloniex.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have the same issue:

    Transfer coin from Poloniex:
    Address: 4751ef3a689f55dd95ad325b5d1ae45312198c902493405bd8bcfc5d8e0012d6757cd8533f92
    Txid: 90b9576b0dd4180d1aad1075fe5fe4aa57ed813373472c223f9f890e7383bba3

    but I don't see it in block explorer.
    Could you help me?

  • The same problem now sending my coins from poloniex to bittrex and its complete nothing i can see in the blockchain

    Address: 860bf452f7373184e32ce7ebc049314a216251890eb470986caf5454475503589844aa4e8203
    Txid: cb25dd95fe93d5328a51115c13bd0968f422b8f0def9849ef9fbd3e3357bdd80

  • @tomasz same problem man happen to me now
    can you tell me if something good happen with you hope so plz
    this my email [email protected]
    thank u

  • I have same problem sending coins from poloniex to bittrex and its complete nothing i can see in the blockchain.

    Address: 0ae409a1d085c36130d7ff00da0e8ac79e83035d3abbf4345cc20bc8efcdf0639ceeedc23045
    Txid: fc5149f70d489369be0e657a1e7ba15f9520630d3b78906ec77f92032d502e22

  • Same issue here. I tried transferring 20 000 SC to Bittrex from Poloniex, and got a Complete: Error. Created a ticket and they still haven't responded or fixed the issue. It has been 16 days.

    Poloniex seems to have a lot of problems with transactions involving Siacoin. Please work with them to fix the issue.

    Anyone recently got their coins back after a complete: error? I hope this is the case.

  • i have the same issue too. i have trying to withdraw siacoin from poloniex, the transaction is showing completed with transaction id but it never found it from the blockchain....

  • same here....from polo to bittrex

    Siacoin Output

    Transaction ID: 1ce7dbf5dbc824bac743a436bc912ca2244bb51829226ac7aa277c093aad4ee2

    Output ID: cf26fc4a4656da761a40c88cfc69eb80fb0f106acfb9e5f8fa9fc58ba4133bda

    Amount: 850,000.00 SC

    Receiver: 4979af21b35144fb69e805729c3d128930a93cb3a4c922a870178e85a50d6f66f046d4bdc1a8

  • @jayv said in Lost Transfer of Siacoin from Poloniex:

    @jayv said in Lost Transfer of Siacoin from Poloniex:

    I am having the same problem. I sent some from Poloniex and I get a "Complete:Error" with just the address. No Tx ID

    I checked Sia explorer by putting my address in the hash like the poster above suggested and I see the transaction word for word like in my Poloniex acct with a "Hash not Found in Database"

    I restarted my UI and now it's loading, I checked Sia Explorer again and typed the wallet address in the hash and now the transaction is gone just shows my address.
    SIA UI is still loading.
    Should I be worried?

    Just to update, sorry for the quote, i restarted my UI and everything is synced.but 64k siacoins deposit are still missing. Maybe a Poloniex issue, I have opened a ticket with them.

    Poloniex refunded back to my exchange account.
    I'm a little leery of moving all at once.
    will try to do small increments.

    Thanks for the tips above, .

    I have the same situation, and it's been 13 days, I have opened a ticket with them. except waiting for what I can do

  • @loaderr123 said in Lost Transfer of Siacoin from Poloniex:

    Similar issue here - tried to withdraw SIA from poloniex (700k) but it never made its wa to my wallet.
    in the withdrawal history at poloniex I'm getting this error: Complete: Error
    I'm waiting for 12 days now for poloniex to respond - no solutino yet. has anyone made a similar experience and got his SIA back?


    me too
    I have the same situation, and it's been 13 days, I have opened a ticket with them.
    Have you got your SIA back?

  • Global Moderator

    Your transaction is completed.

    Your transaction is completed.

    Your transaction is completed.

    Your transaction is completed.
    For completed transaction, it is not because of the problem on the sender side, the problem is on the receiving side.

    Please contact the receiving side to claim back your SC since your SC is now in a wallet they control.

    Find me on the Official Sia Discord.

    Feel free to donate and support me!
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  • @Taek said in Lost Transfer of Siacoin from Poloniex:

    If you are missing coins:

    1. Check whether your transaction is on the blockchain (use explore.sia.tech - put the txid into the 'hash' field)
    2. Check whether the address you gave to the exchange is in your wallet ('wallet addresses' typed into the terminal tab)
    3. Check whether your client has finished syncing

    Usually, if you do not see your coins, it's one of the above 3 things. If your transaction is not on the blockchain, contact the exchange, it's likely their fault. If the address you gave the exchange is not in your wallet, it means that you either are using the wrong wallet, or you need to perform a rescan with your seed. Right now rescanning is a confusing and difficult process, but the next release makes it a lot easier. If your client has not finished syncing, usually you just need to wait for it to finish syncing.

    help me, from polonex The withdrawal was not received for 15 days. No txid , total:540K sia

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