Lost Transfer of Siacoin from Poloniex

  • @sulaimandahlan me too sir,

  • Why my transaction unsuccesful

  • My 50000 SC had just arrived from Polo to my wallet. Waited for 6 days.

    My polo ticket id was #218369, so it seems like polo support progressed to that extent.

  • Dear All..
    My transaction has been successful...
    Hopefully your transactions are all smooth and made easier ... AaMiin

  • Oh no, i had 40,000 SIa at Polo and it disappeared WITHOUT me transferring it. just poof.

  • awww snap. after approx a week and half my siacoin transfer from polo to sia wallet has appeared on the blockchain. the txid # was found when input into the "hash" search field on explore.sia.tech. hurray!! what once was lost is now found.

  • Do not worry guys, you are going to have your coins back. They are not lost. I got them from Poloniex after 12 days.

  • Lost 500 siacoin to poloniex.

  • This post is deleted!

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