19 contracts

  • Hi,
    My last issue was resolved: https://forum.sia.tech/topic/918/no-sia-coins-received-in-my-wallet/ but I don't know how... Thanks to the community !
    I have another now: I bought some contracts to host my files, and I have 19 contracts... and the minimum is 20 contracts.

    It seems expensive. 20 euros for.... nothing ;-)

    1. I first exchange 20 euros to bitcoins
    2. bitcoins to siacoins (not directly received... see above)

    So, Is there another way to have my last contract ?
    Thanks !

  • admins

    Can you provide more information? Are you using the most recent version?

    Where does it say that you ended up with 19 contracts? It should continue forming them until you have 50.

  • V1.1.2

    • in the screen "Files", in the header: "...SC spent / ... SC allocated X contracts"

  • admins

    Hmm. I'm not certain what went wrong, but if you try to set the allowance again you may have more luck.

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