Sia Contracts growing after Stop/Start

  • Hi guys,

    I just saw that when i stop /start sia daemon the number of contracts increase

    Did someguys note this behavior ?


  • admins

    I have not noticed this myself, are you sure that it's happening during start/stop and not just due to random chance?

  • yeah sure, it's when i stop / start

    I can have 1 or 2 contracts more in one day, when i stop / start it increase about 10ish contracts

  • I can confirm the same behaviour... Stop and start SIA and you will have more contracts!? Isee this also in 1.2.0.

  • @Taelk; I just closed and restarted. a massive jump from 2618 to 2830 contracts appeared instantly upon restart!!

  • admins

    I'm pretty sure there's a bug in the contract counter. We will be looking into it in the next few months, but for now I think it's harmless.

  • @taek, that is obviously the case!

    if I look at the SIA explorer I see 14000 active file contracts (as per noon, EU-time).
    That my little host with its 200GB should hold 2800 or 20% of that volume would be totally out of this would to think :-/ !?

    to minimize confusion as to what you swe in the UI (which is the only humane interaction anyone not tech can have with what is behind the scenes), I strongly recommend this to be bug fixed - what is also wrong will them be the estimated revenue, which I have seen a lot of questions on recently.

    it is your call, but from where i sit it has to do with trust to the whole thing if we can't even rely on the basics!!

  • admins

    @larsfloe best I can tell, the revenue metrics are actually still correct. Given that global host revenue right now is on the order of $50 / mo, I think it's more important to be focusing on improving the renter and getting more people using then network, than it is to be focused on making sure that $50 per month is being reported correctly.

    But, like I said, I've been monitoring the situation, and best I can tell it's only the 'contracts' number which is being reported incorrectly. All the other revenues seem to be correct to me.

  • @Taek

    SInce 1.2.0 the counter does not move while SIA UI is opened.
    I close SIAUI, then open it again an the counter updates.

    Its definitely a bug.

  • admins

    Unfortunately the fix will not be in v.1.2.1, but I think we can have it fixed in v.1.2.2.

  • I have noticed this each time I start and stop the UI. Goes up by 1 contract each time- using v 1.2.2

    Unofficial User / Tester / Analyst of Sia ( w/Renter and Host experience)


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