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  • Hi, I am kinda new to Sia network. I have a good understanding of everything after looking it all over for 7 days. I decided to set my Dell powerege 2950 up as a host, as I have over 10 TB hard drive space unused. Unsure of prices to set on everything I left them all default after 12 hours of no hosting contracts, I cut all the prices in half. Doing this I noticed Sia ui announced again for me. Over the next 4 days I lowered my price to
    Collateral =50 Sia
    Per TB =250 Sia
    Bandwidth=1 Sia

    I am wondering how low everyone is hosting price at?

    I have also noticed every time I change my price I announce again. I kinda understand announceing a price change. But it needs to say that. As I have changed prices 8 times. Not that I'm to worried about 100 Sia. I mine at 5800 mh/s.

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    Hi, thanks for trying out hosting. It can take a few days to start seeing your first contracts. The first thing you should do is check whether you are on or not. If you are not listed there, there's a good chance that renters cannot find you. Often this is due to not having forwarded ports. Sia tries to forward ports automatically but it doesn't work on all routers.

    You can check if your port is open using this tool:
    And you can read more about forwarding ports at

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, i have checked my port to make sure its open, and it does say its open, i am not listed on I have been watching siapulse for a few days and have not been listed on there yet :(.

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    did you announce your host?

    And have you seen this guide:

  • hi, Yes i have announced my host and i have seen the guild. I have looked further into the ports, my dell poweredge server is forwarding port 9981, and laptop is forwarding port 9982. but when i anounce on poweredge where all the server space is, it announces to port 9982. as i have a wallet on both my laptop and poweredge server.
    As you stated sia forwarded the ports automatically for me.

    I am currently changing the port its announcing on. we will wait and see what happens.

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