Cloud Computing?

  • How come siacoin doesn't offer cloud computing as one of it's products? How viably successful can siacoin be if it only offers cloud storage? Shouldn't it expand and allow individuals to rent out processing power as well as storage space?

  • (I'm not SIA)
    If you look at the SIA road map and frame work the intention is to offer true cloud storage in a decentralized, encrypted (for privacy) way with out any middle man, relying on logic in the block chain contracts. The ida was to leverage already existing un used free space on thousands of harddrives over the globe to make them avaialble to other users on a renting base. The block chain also makes sure the best host wins and that the price is a race towards the bottom and as such the SIA storage should always be very cheap.

    That is a mouthfull in its own. But compared to all kind of trash coins aiming at doing everything computing in one big unrealistic go SIA has actually a working system (600-700 hosts/servers totalling aroung 3petabyte!) and as such they are ahead, and I think it pays of to focus on the original idea. You alse see the idea is to focus on the storeage net work, not to make all the functinllity around the use cases, since that should come from 3rd parties or other projects. However they have abounty scheme that has revealed som itneresting little projects.

    There are still miles (read years) before the product is main stream and before there is enough demand for SIA sotrage to actually make any commercial set up from a hosting perspective viable.. I'm a true believer in SIA :-)

  • But wouldn't it be somewhat easy to implement cloud computing? Hosts already rent out unused hard drive space so wouldn't it be easy to implement a function in which a host can rent out their processing power?

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