SIA and LAMP Integration

  • Curious if there is any documentation on using SIA (as a renter) to host images that can be pulled into a website? If I have a LAMP (Linux, Apache/NGINX, MySQL/Maria, Python) setup, can I now tap into SIA for storage? Would like to test this out (already have SIA coin), potentially with Wordpress for starters, or even a static page. Am guessing I need a way to link to the data (graphics mainly) being stored within the SIA network. Any help is much appreciated.

  • That is currently not possible. Atm you can only download your own files.

    File sharing with other sia users is planned in the next release.

    File sharing with non-sia user is what you need, this is one of the long term goals.

    See roadmap :

  • Ok, great information. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some documentation out there that I might have missed. Thanks.

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