Sia-ui lost wallet.

  • I lost my sia wallet but I still have the seed for my old wallet. So I created a new wallet and then I recovered my old wallet and my siacoins using "wallet load seed" in terminal. But I have a doubt.

    1st doubt: When I recover my old wallet what exactly is happening......
    (i). Is my new wallet joined and synced with my old wallet in which case I can use any of the two wallets for transaction purpose
    (ii) Is my new wallet replaced with old wallet in which case if I do any transactions my old wallet is going to be used
    (iii). All of my old wallet Siacoins are transferred to my new wallet in which case my new wallet is going to be used for transactions?

    2nd doubt: After I recover my old wallet, if I have to mine Siacoins in future which wallet address do i have to use...the old wallet address or the new wallet address?

  • @Shan
    These questions and doubts are what I have too.
    Thus I do not understand why is the "common procedure" made by most people this "created new wallet and loaded old".
    You do not need to create a new wallet. You can (and should in my opinion) restore the old wallet by "wallet init-seed". So you do not lose any addresses you dont remember where you have them written to receive coins and so on.

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    @Shan did you recover by entering your pass phrase?

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
    Forum Mod. I cannot fix transactions. I can't help with Mac or Linux.


  • @bryan
    I am working on it currently. My Sia-UI was syncing since yesterday. I'll update you.

  • @bryan
    I am able to access my wallet with my old seed but I don't understand why is it showing my siacoin balance as 0.
    I still have the address and old seed.
    If i check that address on nanopool it shows me my Sia balance but my wallet doesn't. I don't know how to proceed.

    Does anyone in the community knows how to do it?

  • @bryan Yes I have successfully recovered my wallet.

  • @Shan
    On nanopool you can see only your balance on nanopool - what you have mined so far. That number has only a little to do with your balance on the Sia blockchain. The SC shown there are not your until nanopool transfers them to your wallet.

    Were there SC in your wallet (not nanopool) before you deleted/recovered?

  • @reinisp There were no SC in my wallet when i lost my wallet. But now I've recovered it.
    What I didn't know was unless one mines the minimum payout SC, it won't be displayed in my wallet.

  • @reinisp I got the answers to those questions as well. :)
    Well, after we recover our old wallet we can use that for the transaction as usual with the same wallet address as before.
    You can any of the addresses which you get when you hit receive coins. All those addresses are associated to one wallet only

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