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  • Buen día,
    Hice todo lo indicado en la web para instalar la Wallet SIA, pero al ingresar me dice "Wallet Locked", no he transferido nada y me gustaría generar una nueva Wallet. Ahora voy a Appdata y no me aparece la carpeta de SIA. Podria alguien ayudarme con este tema.
    Les agradezco.

    Good day,
    I did everything on the web to install the SIA Wallet, but when you enter tell me "Wallet Locked", I have not transferred anything and I would like to generate a new Wallet. Now I go to Appdata and I do not see the SIA folder. Could someone help me with this topic.
    Thank you.

  • Solucionado, Gracias!!!!

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    @JorgeO You do this by going User>>User profile>>appdata>>Roaming>>Sia and delete the wallet data.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
    Forum Mod. I cannot fix transactions. I can't help with Mac or Linux.


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