Passphrase recovery

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    @gadi_sr You can only restore with the passphrase. If you don't have the passphrase the wallet is lost.

    I do not think the blockchains knows anything about your passphrase ??

    When you install the ui you are given the option to "create a new wallet" or "load a wallet from a seed"
    That should do the trick.

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    @Kermit Can't unlock the wallet without the passphrase. No need to load the seed if you don't have the passphrase.

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  • @bryan
    Since when can't one recover the wallet from seed (without passphrase)?
    The seed is the default passphrase after recovery. Or have I missed something again?
    I think the "recover from seed" means the blockchain is scanned for all transactions with all addresses belonging to the seed.
    Is the passphrase taken into account when generating addresses? Then you couldn't change your passphrase ever. But you can...

    Just try. delete your sia app data directory, (leaving only consensus) .
    then recover from seed and try your seed as password when asked.

    If that does not work, there are reports that you could recover the coins by loading the seed into another wallet. And use the old seed as password... or the new seed as password...
    Sorry, I don't remember exactly.

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    @reinisp Hmm maybe it is me who is missing something. Isn't the phrase required to unlock the wallet?

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    @reinisp Yes. Looking at the SIA WIKI it clearly says. "The UI will then ask for your wallet password (seed). A restart of siad is required."

    Meaning without the passphrase the wallet cannot be recovered.

    Now I'm confused.

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  • @bryan
    Yes, the password is needed to unlock, but it is not stored on blockchain. So the recovery process can't verify against anything.
    And when the wallet is recovered (recreated) the seed is the password as if it were never set to anything.

    But, it should.
    Some people report it is not working straight forward.

  • @bryan

    siac wallet init-seed

    is the command not

    siac wallet load

    if you want to recover your wallet.
    with load you load some old wallet into a new one.
    Though, I'm not sure how should a wallet work properly with more than one seed loaded simultaneously.

    That WIKI could be something from old times...
    My node shows me:

    siac wallet -h
    Generate a new address, send coins to another wallet, or view info about the wallet.
      /sia/bin/siac wallet [flags]
      /sia/bin/siac wallet [command]
    Available Commands:
      address         Get a new wallet address
      addresses       List all addresses
      balance         View wallet balance
      change-password Change the wallet password
      init            Initialize and encrypt a new wallet
      init-seed       Initialize and encrypt a new wallet using a pre-existing seed
      load            Load a wallet seed, v0.3.3.x wallet, or siag keyset
      lock            Lock the wallet
      seeds           View information about your seeds
      send            Send either siacoins or siafunds to an address
      sweep           Sweep siacoins and siafunds from a seed.
      transactions    View transactions
      unlock          Unlock the wallet

    Agreed, deleting the wallet and recreating from seed is a bit shooting with a bazooka instead of a sniper rifle. That makes only the SC balance survive. But you can't recover your files or contracts anyway yet.

  • I have just tested.

    1. Made a wallet via
      siac wallet init -p
      and set a password.

    2. Unlocked the wallet with the set password (different from seed).

    3. Then shutdown siad process and delete the wallet.db file.

    4. After starting siad no wallet found, can't be unlocked via password or seed.

    5. recovered wallet via "siac wallet init-seed" and the seed (generated at creation time). No password was asked.

    6. Try unlock with password (set at first creation) gives error "Could not unlock wallet: error when calling /wallet/unlock: provided encryption key is incorrect"

    7. Try unlock with seed as password, gives no error:

     /sia/bin/siac wallet unlock
    Wallet password:
    Wallet: scanned to height 118844...

    Bingo! Restored and unlocked. Password is reset to the seed. And can be changed to encrypt the local wallet again (since version 1.3.0.).

  • Thanks !

  • @reinisp
    Dear reinisp.I happened an accident, the computer's hard drive was burnt and can not be restored. I had to buy a new disk and install a new Windows and a new siacoin wallet. But after installation, the wallet does not accept my old password. Primary Seed does not accept either. Caption: error when calling / wallet / sweep / seed: can not sweep primary seed. The former password and Primary Seed for recovery I stored separately on a flash drive. I hardly know English and can only communicate through Google translator. Very much I ask you, help me please

  • @plachpalach
    How did you get your "new wallet?"
    Did you create a new one on the first run after installation?
    Anyway, I would do what i did in my previous post, starting with step 3.
    Shutdown sia (make sure the process "siad" is not running).
    Find the Sia folder containig the file wallet.db (C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Sia-UI\sia\wallet) and delete that file.
    Start Sia-UI.
    Do NOT CREATE new wallet but look for something where the words recover and seed are mentioned.
    Enter your old seed as seed and as password if asked.
    So you should have recovered by that.

    What language do you understand better? I can read english, german, russian and latvian.

  • @reinisp я русский

  • @reinisp спасибо, что отозвались, сейчас идет синхронизация, прежнюю версию, в которой не подошел пароль я удалил, пробую сейчас установить еще раз, может по причине кривых рук что-то сделал не так в прошлый раз, не знаю. Как пройдет синхронизация 100 проц., буду пробовать как Вы сказали. Еще раз спасибо

  • @plachpalach
    Mne trudno pisatj po russki, tak kak net russkih bukv na klaviature...
    Mozhete chitatj tak kak pishu seichas?

  • @reinisp гугл переводит не всегда ровно, приходится домысливать самому, может по этой причине не всё получилось сделать как нужно...

  • @reinisp да, я пойму латиницей. Но если писать команды, то лучше на англ. плиз)

  • @reinisp первый раз я не создавал новый кошелек, а просто попытался ввести свой пароль, он сразу выругался и на этом все...Затем я где -то вычитал, что можно создать новый кошелек и ввести туда свой старый seed. Тоже не получилось.

  • @plachpalach
    Нашел транслит.
    Синхронизацию можно приостановить. Не надо ждать. При запуске будет продолжатся.

    После удаления файла wallet.db можно запустить Sia-UI.
    Надеюсь у вас версия 1.3.
    Тогда после удаления кошелька в разделе wallet появляется выбор. Нажимайте на load a wallet from seed.
    опцию custom passphrase можно не отмечать.
    Тогда в ткстовм поле пишете старый сеед.

  • @reinisp у меня версия 1.3 Огромное спасибо, дорогой друг, выручили меня, желаю Вам большого человеческого счастья) Буду пробовать, как получится, отпишусь о результате

  • @plachpalach Надеюсь вам не было контрактов на файлы. Контракты и файлы не восстанабливются пока. Восстанавливаются только койны (баланс).

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