Why do we need SiaCoin? What's wrong with bitcoin / ethereum?

  • Without a plausible explanation, to some skeptics it isn't sure what's more important: idea of decentralized storage or if it's just a cover story for founders to profit on their coin.

    So why exactly do we need siacoin?
    What does it have that ethereum doesn't have?

  • Too lazy to find the answer to this question? Its been asked and answered many times.

  • Googling this question got me no real results so I am asking.

    If decentralized storage was the goal, wouldn't first priority be to reduce barrier to entry?
    To open a pay with cash -> use right away type of busines.

    Let users pay with cash and buy bitcoin -> siacoin for them and manage it for them?
    Even buying bitcoin is a huge hassle for average user, installing wallets that take up GBs of space and need hours to sync is very user unfriendly.

  • @whoami
    Search for the roots of Siacoin.
    Look at the time Sia project and the corresponding coin was created and see what other options were available at that time.

  • @whoami It isn't decentralized storage that is the goal. Decentralized (Read secure) everything; so using a central currency (based on a common encryption) is bad mojo. Additionally: insert lots and lots of other reason.

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