Why is the Sia wallet address not displayed in Sia-UI

  • When I started mining I obtained a Sia wallet address(don't know where). I used it to create the account with the pool in which I mine. Why on earth does the Sia-UI not have the wallet address displayed?
    I can't understand, I swear. I can't remember precisely if I used the Siacoin-UI address, or maybe a Poloniex address, or maybe a different exchange address, or god know what other wallet I used.
    Now I typed "wallet address" in the terminal hoping to see what was the address and I see I created a new address. That complicates things even more. What happened to the previous addresses? My experience with the Sia wallet is very frustrating.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @bibs use the list of addresses and copy each one into the mining pool if one has activity that's the one you used.

  • Thanks. I got it sorted. Somehow I found the command list of the terminal and managed to list all addresses and one of them was indeed the one I used when I started mining. But The addresses should really be easier to access, the terminal interface should be more foolproof. It's an empty box, most people don't even know what it is.
    Am I to understand that even if I now have another address(not another wallet), the siacoins withdrawn from the pool will still come back to the same wallet, right?

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    @bibs yes you can keep making new addresses and still use old ones. Glad it worked out.

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