Poloniex withdrawal problem

  • @chen96My problem is that the withdrawal is complete but not received. There is a txid that is fake, no query, and the same problem solved?

  • @kong112 many people face the same problem .The amin said will be sloved in this week.how knows.my ticket no response over 11 days.so you can see how slow the poloniex do.

  • The wallet is fixed.Is anyone's SC back?

  • no one reply this.all of yor SC is back ?

  • @chen96 nope. txid still now showing in explorer but its completed for polo.

  • Nothing yet.

  • Also been waiting for 14 days due to a complete:error issue. No response from support and the troll box mods are less then useless.

  • This is happening to me right now! Completed error, coins gone!! Siacoin has to solve our problems. Polo Is a piece of ...

  • @vasco I think no one but a lawyer can help us,

  • Hello everyone,

    I wanted to tell you that today I withdrawal from Poloniex Sia Coins and it took me less than 10 minutes to get it in to my wallet.

    Wish you all a nice day.

  • Same problem,
    Withdraw from polo, was complete but wallet is empty.. GG

  • I am really anxious about the coins.

  • Same problem. Yeah, I get that Poloniex are 'overwhelmed' with support tickets, but really, exchanges shouldn't be able to get away with such sloppy customer liaison.

    One can only learn from experience =/

  • Dear Sia Insiders,

    Are you not able to contact Poloneix find out what exactly is the issue??

  • The same problem

    It was withdrawal from Poloniex:


    2017-06-02 18:14:44,


    COMPLETE: feda6504f1b22c0279338de38647e7c4b014729c4431303a5faaac7c692b0ac8

  • I have the same problem. I entered a support ticket 11 days and 16 hours ago. No response. I'm starting to think this is a losing battle.

  • I have the same problem... Withdrawals is regularly in temporary disabled on Poloniex, I think they work on it

  • Mine is still not working either, and I have been without my coins for two weeks. They just disappeared, not on Sia Explorer--nothing. Is this why the price is spiking? Nobody can sell? Lol

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