Withdraw Transactions not completed

  • I'm trying to send some Sia to my wallet at poloniex but the transactions always apear with a red heart and is not completed. But I don't see even an error message or something like that.
    Thank you.

  • It seems this is a problem related to Poloniex's operations. You need to contact them for support.

    When a withdrawal is successful you will see a transaction ID. You can copy this into the explorer (http://explore.sia.tech) and confirm that funds arrived in your wallet.

  • admins

    As stated above, it seems like a problem with Polo. They have great support though, if you open a ticket they should get to it quickly.

  • i have a w/d that has been pending since July 20 on polo. 3 tickets opened. I heard its bc of SIA. Its beautiful watching the value of SIA collapse while my coins are frozen bc of broken tech. thanks guys

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