StoreWise Development (L2)

This thread will be used to post regular StoreWise development updates and milestones in a addition to providing a space for documented discourse. StoreWise is a 3rd party Layer-2 company building enterprise grade object storage services with a strong focus on data security, sovereignty and availability. The project has been in development since 2017.

The services built by the project use the low-level us libraries developed by Luke Champine to interact with the Sia network. StoreWise is dedicated to support the ongoing development and expansion of us together with the foundation and community to improve the libraries and provide a better developer experience.

StoreWise is currently building towards the soft-launch of their Private Cloud and Private enterprise Cloud products set to release the 1st of December, 2020.

The StoreWise website:


Hey Meije! Thanks for posting, and welcome to Discourse!

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Yo. Can you make any modest $$ on this yet, even with ‘used’ drives/storage, or am I a ‘newb’ and behind the times on this thread?

Are you asking if Storewise makes money or if Sia hosts make money?