Standard Grant Proposal: DartSia Mobile App

Standard Grant

Project Name: DartSia Mobile App

Name of the organization or individual submitting the proposal:

  • James Brel tamegno
  • Egoume Mouyong Rekiyatou

Project Description :

Dartsia is a mobile application which aims to allow users of the sia ecosystem to access a Renterd node and be able to interact with it. The Sia application platform is full of a wide range of software to enable the storage and sharing of data and among these software, renterd is the most efficient. Renterd allows users to store data on the Sia network and also to be able to interact securely with the network, but the problem that arises in turn comes from the fact that users of mobile devices do not have the possibility of access the network from their phone. It is for this reason that we considered creating an application that would allow easy access to a renterd node (even for novice users) while ensuring the security of their data.

The initial idea of the project was to develop a dart package coupled with middleware which would facilitate the development of mobile applications on the Sia platform but after discussion with the Sia foundation team, we focused on the development of the mobile application by giving it the same name again. During the first phase of development, we realized the difficulty represented by communication between the renterd software and the mobile application. As a result, it was necessary for us to develop, in addition to the mobile application, a Go middleware functioning as a request handler to intercept, secure and redirect requests to the Renterd API.

For us, during this grant, it will be a matter of developing both an intuitive and easy mobile application for ordinary users and a middleware that will manage and secure all the requests for our application.

Who benefit from your project :

The project mainly benefits all users of the Sia network. It gives them the ability to control their renterd nodes, have data on the state of the sia network and also on the operation of other nodes in the network.

How does the project serve the Foundation’s mission of user-owned data?

The project allows the Sia Foundation to strengthen its capacity to develop decentralized applications for users of mobile devices. It thus gives the foundation a fantastic opportunity to extend its user data management functionalities.

Grant Specifics

Features to be delivered :

  • Login : Be able to connect to a rented host using its IPv4 or DNS address and password.
  • Network Overview : This functionality allows you to display real-time data on the state of the Sia network as well as its interactions (Numbers of active hosts, Total Network storage, Total used storage, Storage Price per TB)
  • Host Research : This functionality allows you to list all the hosts available and active on the network.
  • Show Host informations : This feature allows you to display all of the host’s information as well and its scoring.
  • Active Hosts Notifications : This feature allows you to receive notifications about changes in the status of a host.
  • File sharing : This feature allows you to share a file with an access link.
  • My Host Overview : Allows you to display the operating information of your host and see its operating status
  • Modify Host Parameters : This feature allows you to easily modify your host’s configuration settings.
  • Buckets and file management : This functionality gives the possibility of managing Buckets on your renterd host as well as all files and folders (Creation of folders, Uploading of files, Renaming of files, Deleting files and moving files).

Demonstration :

You can check a video demonstration of the mobi application here:

A functionnal APK is also available here :

You can also check some of the screen of the application here :

Budget :

To be able to carry out this project, we are requesting a total budget of $25050. As indicated in the terms of the Sia Foundation, the budget will be used monthly and at each Milestone. The use of this budget will be made according to the following points:

Milestone 1: Budget $8350

Flutter Developer Salary $4000
Go Lang Developer Salary $4000
Cloud hosting service $250
Additional charges (Electricity/Internet) $100

Milestone 2: Budget $8350
Flutter Developer Salary $4000
Go Lang Developer Salary $4000
Cloud hosting service $250
Additional Charges (Electricity/Internet) $100

Milestone 3: Budget $8350
Flutter Developer Salary $4000
Go Lang Developer Salary $4000
Cloud hosting service $250
Additional Charges (Electricity/Internet) $100

Potentials risk to the project :

The potential risks that can affect the completion of our project can be numerous and varied. Here are some of the most common risks:

Financial risks: This includes project budget overrun, exchange rate fluctuations during monthly payments, unexpected costs related to cloud resource consumption, etc.

Risks linked to deadlines: Delays in the development of the modules of our package, planning problems over the duration of the milestones, unforeseen difficulties can lead to delays in the completion of the project.

Human Resources Risks: This includes loss of key team members, internal conflicts, competency issues, etc.

Technical risks: Problems related to technology (framework to use, external packages, etc.), tools, equipment, software or hardware can affect the progress of the project.

External risks: This includes unforeseen events such as illness, legal or regulatory changes, political issues, etc.

It is essential for the success of a project to properly identify, evaluate and manage these risks throughout its implementation.

Development Information :

Will all of your project’s code be open-source?

All of our project will be open source and under the MIT Licence

Leave a link where code will be accessible for review : GitHub - DartSiaProject/siahost

Do you agree to submit monthly progress reports ?

We agree to submit the progress report every month on the dates mentioned on the Notion board.

Contact informations :


Any other preferred contact methods:

Linkedin : 1