SIA101 - Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS Principle)

Below is a Skylink to a SIA101 concept. I know some people saw it in Discord but some may not have since it got buried.

Budget would probably be $5,000-$10,000 USD for this if outsourced.

I took a stab at simplifying Sia in the form of a a SIA101 video concept. The idea is to bring it down to everyone’s level in the form of a shorter, animated video similar to the one Filecoin allows you to watch on their homepage.


EDIT: I’d like the Foundation to add this to their list of things to do/create upon formation. Could use fiverr, community, community referral to produce. Also updated proposal to add a couple additional things to include.

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Thanks for the proposal. I think it’s fairly clear what the “ask” is here, but for the sake of establishing norms, can you update your post with a sentence or two specifying what specific action(s) you would like the Foundation to take?

Made the edit as well as the title. Make a little more clear the point I am trying to get across.

I love sia project! I hope most host will join the project!

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We should probably come up with a standard format for proposals, including what the budget is for executing the proposal.

@ryanplaya can you tag a budget in to the proposal?

Added a rough budget for the project in USD. If there is someone in the community that can make something like this come to life, SC would be a great option for them.

I’m wondering if we should start with the release of a really accessible whitepaper that covers Sia and how it works. The whitepaper we have is pretty decent but could be brought up to date and professionalized, especially if we want to move in the direction of utreexo.

edit: on the other hand it’s probably not a bad idea to just get marketing material out ASAP.

+1 for the edit :slight_smile:

SIA101 can be readily available and easily digestible on the homepage (like filecoin) and a whitepaper cannot/should not. That being said, I do think the concepting can be fine-tuned with community feedback.