Proposal: Skyd-ce (skyd community edition)

I propose that the Sia Foundation should fund the ongoing development and maintenance of a community edition of the new skyd library. This library would be licensed under MIT and would include all the Skynet features up to the point where Skynet was removed from Sia-core (ie: all the Skynet API implementations that were created under the MIT license). Pending legality, skyd-ce may also contain alternative implementations of the newer skyd API functions whose current implementations were created under the Skynet license.

The development of a Sia Foundation funded and sanctioned skyd-ce library would benefit the Sia ecosystem in the following ways.

First, it would ensure that 3rd party developers would continue to have access to all Skynet API implementations that were released under the MIT license and would ensure that they would not have to pay fees to use Skynet features that were previously provided without a fee.

Second, it would ensure that community members would be able to use all current Skynet API implementations for pinning and downloading files using a Sia wallet (when the Sia wallet build includes the skyd-ce library) and would ensure that they wouldn’t be forced to use a portal for these tasks that were previously available in the Sia daemon.

Third, a Sia Foundation funded and sanctioned skyd-ce library would guarantee interpolation with skyd because there would be social pressures for the new skyd to not make breaking changes that would cause current Skynet features to break. Ie: people would be frustrated if their file that they pinned using a Sia Foundation approved skyd-ce library was not available for download from a portal running the Skynet Lab’s skyd library.

I propose that the Sia Foundation maintain control over the skyd-ce library and that they contract its development and maintenance so as to not tie up in-house developer time that could have been used for novel code development. Alternatively, I propose that the Sia Foundation would use the skyd-ce library as part of an on-boarding process to help new hires get up to speed with the Sia code base. I want to emphasize that in either proposal the development and maintenance should cause minimal distraction to Senior Sia Foundation developers.

I like that you think it shouldn’t interfere with core development, but as I just stated in my post on the rclone backend response, I really think “new hire” efforts should be put elsewhere.

This whole idea seems like a blantant stab at Skynet Labs for no real reason imo. 1.5.5 in the siad codebase will always exist, and barring a hardfork will always work. They aren’t going to just change how skylinks work at a base level.

Anyway, I feel like this would be a waste of effort no matter what unless Skynet actually really does get majorly popular. There are just so many other more important things that should be worked on.

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