Proposal: sia as rclone backend

Rclone is a command line program to manage files on cloud storage.

Making siad available as a backend for rclone has been an ongoing project for years and some headway has been made via this pull request:

The contributor @Sevey is currently unable to continue advancing this but has offered to give detailed information to anybody willing to pick this up.

Getting sia supported by rclone would offer huge exposure and make affordable cloud storage available for prosumers and small businesses.

Please consider adding this feature to the road map. I would propose an external contractor or a bounty if no foundation developer is available to pick this up.


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Once again I think this should be a lower-priority feature, but still should be pursued none-the-less. Maybe this could be one of the things a new hire does before they get too deep into the Sia code-base so they could get familiar with the API? What do you think @nemo?

I’m wary of doing “drive-by” integrations, at least for big names like rclone – if we can’t commit to supporting them, we shouldn’t pursue them in the first place. I agree that this would be a good project for a new hire, though.

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Would need to balance this against ongoing support for the renter. Skynet Labs is transforming skyd into something that’s very Skynet centric, you’d probably have to make it a skynet integration (instead of a skyd integration) if you want to use our new code.

Otherwise you are stuck on the old renter, which currently has uncertain maintenance status.